There are rumors in Moscow that a number of former KGB generals and officials are preparing to oust Russian President Vladimir Putin and intend to end the war in Ukraine, which is increasingly seen throughout Russia as a strategic mistake and, above all, as an economic disaster.

FSB leaders dissatisfied with the lack of success in Ukraine

The leadership of Putin’s former employer – the Russian security service FSB – is said to be so frustrated by the lack of military success in Ukraine that he has contacted a number of generals and former army officials, say several analysts, as well as news from the press. Russian language, writes the London daily City AM.

In particular, a group called “Siloviki” – which includes former FSB officers active in Russian politics – is said to be working to replace Putin, along with former GRU, KGB and FSO officers, as well as other intelligence units. ruse.

The idea that a coup is more and more likely is further strengthened by the activity on social networks in Russia and Eastern Europe, which has been on alert for the last 24 hours. Moreover, analysts in Russia and beyond have said there are all indications that Putin will soon face a coup.

How Putin defends himself

And Putin appears to be “very worried” and has tightened security in and around the Kremlin. “Does it matter? It matters a lot“Said Russian security expert Andrei Soldatov of the Center for European Policy Analysis.

Russia’s president has been preparing for a week-long coup as he has faced fierce criticism over his “special operation” in Ukraine and has purged about 150 spies over constant failures.Soldatov explained. “This is the first time the Siloviks have distanced themselves from the president. Which opens up all sorts of possibilitiesHe added.

Kasparov: “I don’t know if Putin is ill. Probably yes, he doesn’t look well.” Photo

Moreover, there are rumors that Putin’s health has been affected since the beginning of the war. In a series of videos, the Russian president looks tired and irritated.

Rising tensions between the FSB and the Kremlin

That the relationship between the FSB and Putin has deteriorated since the beginning of the war is already obvious to any observer of political life in Moscow. And last month, two senior FB officers were placed under house arrest by Putin.

Ludovic Orban was a shareholder in the company owned by a Russian oligarch ....

FANATIK NEWS – Material of the day

Ludovic Orban was a shareholder in the company owned by a Russian oligarch. He received the Romanian director at Victoria Palace when he was prime minister

Andrei Soldatov, who runs the investigative site Agentura, wrote that Sergei Beseda, the head of Service Five – the FSB’s foreign intelligence branch – and his deputy were detained and placed under house arrest. The move was seen as a clear sign that Putin is deeply concerned about the FSB’s role in the offensive against Ukraine and fears that intelligence forces could work against him, Western officials told Agentura.

The two have played a major role in intelligence operations against Ukraine over the past few years, and most likely played a major role in planning the invasion, “said a Western official, adding that” there could be significant changes at higher levels. FSBSoldatov explained.

The propaganda turned against Putin

Russian analyst Alexey Muraviev is also convinced that the Russian president is facing a coup attempt by his top military and intelligence chiefs. Muraviev told Sky News Australia that an attempt to remove Putin was highly likely because “There have been tensions between the intelligence community and Russian President Vladimir Putin”.

Clearly, there was a clear misjudgment and it was probably led by Putin himself about the situation in Ukraine.Muraviev says. “I believe that this kind of false narrative was presented to them by the Supreme Commander, and when the Russians began to suffer heavy losses, Putin began to blame the security services.”He continued.

I don’t think it’s very good either because it comes from inside the security apparatus“, Says Muraviev, who explains that it is”about the initial planning and the first phase of the invasion, in which the Russian military assumed that they would go to Ukraine as liberators, not as invaders”.

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