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This has caused dissatisfaction from the management of the respective clubs, and some of them are determined to apply to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS).

Darijo Srna’s message to Russians dissatisfied with being excluded from European cups: “I can watch the Champions League on TV!”

Darijo Srna, the former great player and current sporting director of Shakhtar Donetsk, had a vehement relationship with Russian clubs who do not agree with his exclusion from the European Cups.

Srna told the leaders of these clubs that if they paid a visit to Ukraine, to the cities through which the Russian army passed, Mariupol, Bucha or Chernivtsi, they would be much more understanding of the decision of the European forum.

I would advise him to come to Ukraine, to mine in Mariupol, Bucha or Chernihiv. That’s the only way to find out. Second, Russian clubs can watch the Champions League on TV“, Quoted Darijo Srna, quoted by sport.ua.

Russian Football Federation calls on TAS: “We want to get our teams back in all competitions”

RFU informed that will challenge the decisions and will demand the repression of men’s and women’s teams in sports competitions, but will also claim damages.

We want our teams to compete in all competitions and tournaments, including the 2022 World Cup qualifier in Qatar. We will ask TAS to analyze this situation in an emergency” said the RFU, accordingly Agerpres.

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