The top US military official, General Mark Milley, says that humanity is now witnessing “the greatest threat to the peace and security of Europe – and probably the whole world” – for decades, due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, reports CNN .

General Mark MilleyPhoto: Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images / Profimedia Images

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens to undermine not only European peace and stability, but also the world peace and stability that my parents and generations of Americans have fought so hard to defend,” said the commander of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley.

He said the United States was “at a crucial and historic geostrategic turning point,” in which the US military must “maintain its promptness and at the same time modernize for the future.”

“If we do not do this, then we risk the security of future generations,” said the US chief of staff.

He told U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday during a hearing before a Senate subcommittee that the world was becoming “more unstable.”

“The potential for significant international conflict between the great powers is growing, not declining,” Milley warned.

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