As soon as the COVID-19 restrictions started to get eased in Europe, the number of flights increased significantly.

However, due to staff shortages, thousands of Britons have seen their flights get disrupted or cancelled, reports.

According to Reuters, easyJet is one of the worst affected low-cost carriers. The airline said that it cancelled approximately 60 flights from the UK only on Tuesday and at the same time noted that it expects similar numbers during the upcoming days.

The same has revealed that British Airways has also cancelled a large number of flights. During the last week, the airline cancelled around 662 flights. The airline revealed that flights were mainly suspended due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the sanctions imposed against Russia.

These disruptions and cancellations have been seen as very ‘ironic’ by the head of The PC Agency, Paul Charles. He said that these issues are making it even more difficult than the COVID-19 restrictions for travellers to take trips.

The disruptions in air travel have also been reported by the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol).

The latest report from Eurocontrol shows that from March 28 until April 3, easyJet registered a total of 1,499 flights. In addition, during the same period, British Airways registered 601 flights. Other airlines, such as Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa, also registered a high number of flights.

Last week, Ryanair had a total of 2,756 flights, Turkish Airlines had 1,131 flights, and Lufthansa had 1,041 flights.

Taking into account such numbers, Eurocontrol revealed that the EU carriers had an average daily number of flights of 23,382. Nonetheless, the number of flights still continues to remain below the figures registered during the pre-pandemic period.

Previously, reported that flights from the UK to Spain, Portugal, and Italy will face delays this summer as France is planning to launch a new air traffic control system. The French authorities revealed that the country is preparing to launch the new system by this month. During the time that the new system is being set up, planes that generally use the French airspace will have to get rerouted in order to avoid any pressures.

Commenting on the matter, the Chief Operating Officer of the Deutsche Flugsicherung said that flight delays and diversions from one airspace to another will be inevitable until the system gets fully launched.

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