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The future of Romania’s relations with NATO and the USA, in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war. The perspective of Nadia Crişan, executive director at Princeton


It has been a month since the Ukrainians fought for their own lives, for freedom and for territorial integrity, while the Russians continue to bomb their cities. Nadia Crişan, executive director at Princeton University and former Romanian diplomat in Washington, analyzed Romania’s position within NATO, starting from bilateral relations with the United States of America. He believes that the future of our country in the North Atlantic Alliance could be a promising one, depending on the principle of supply and demand.

Nadia Crişan, at Marius Pancu’s Interviews

On Thursday evening, Nadia Crişan, executive director at Princeton University and former Romanian diplomat in Washington, was invited to Marius Pancu’s Interviews. Based on his experience and the analysis of international relations – put to the test by the security crisis in Eastern Europe -, he comments on Romania’s position in the context of NATO and the war started by Russia in Ukraine.

Interview with Nadia Crişan, Director of Princeton University

The interview can be watched in full in the VIDEO material. Here are some of the main ideas from Nadia Crişan, executive director of Princeton University and former Romanian diplomat in Washington, in dialogue with Marius Pancu.

Marius Pancu: Why did Joe Biden go to Poland on Friday and not include Romania on the map of his tour?

Nadia Crişan: The situation is quite complicated in the dialogue with Poland. In the last year since the White House took over the Biden administration, there have been cold relations between the United States and Plonia, which cannot exist in this context of the war in Ukraine. It is necessary to strengthen these relations, to improve. I am convinced that Vice President Kamala Harris had some important messages for President Duda and Prime Minister Morawiecki. But the mandate was not to negotiate and decide, but strictly to send messages from the White House. That is why I expect to have some important announcements tomorrow regarding the bilateral relationship between the United States and Poland. Then NATO unity (…) and main and important elements, with direct messages for Vladimir Putin.

Why doesn’t Joe Biden come to Romania

Nadia Crişan: Between Romania and the United States, the bilateral relationship is warmer, more harmonious and predictable. Romania is a stable partner of the American administration, which is why, at this moment, in the context of Joe Biden’s visit to Europe, a visit to Bucharest is not required. I am convinced that aspects of Romania’s bilateral relationship with the USA were also discussed during Kamala Harris’ visit.

The future of Romania’s relations with NATO

Marius Pancu: What will Romania’s relations with NATO look like from now on, in light of the events on the eastern flank?

Nadia Crişan: We have additional forces in our country, an absolutely necessary step. Not only positioning, but also preparation in the face of a possible attack by Russia on the border with Romania, within NATO. And as for the relationship with the United States, I expect an intensification. This is not about the support of Ukraine, which we give, but also about the reconstruction of Ukraine at the right time and help for Romania, given that it has shown that it is 100% present with the Member States, in aid of Ukrainian refugees. Romania remains a very good partner.

Marius Pancu: Could Romania gain a much more important share in the bilateral relationship?

Nadia Crişan: In any situation in society, the principle that people think is based is that of supply and demand. Ask and you shall receive. It depends a lot on what Romania will ask of NATO. (…) I am confident that there is information on what Romania can ask for and what it can receive. It is important to see what President Iohannis will say after today’s summit. (…) Romania demonstrates that it knows how to conduct diplomatic relations, how to conduct a dialogue with allies, in private and not in public.

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