After evaluating the current COVID-19 situation and taking into account the high vaccination rates, another two European Union countries – Ireland and Hungary – have decided to lift all of their COVID-19 restrictions.

The Irish authorities announced earlier this week that the country has decided to lift the COVID-19 entry rules.

“From March 6, 2022, travellers to Ireland are not required to show proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative PCR test result upon arrival. There are no post-arrival testing or quarantine requirements for travellers to Ireland,” the statement of the Irish authorities reads.

This means that all travellers, regardless of whether they are travelling from an EU or a non-EU country, can now enter Ireland without having to present a vaccination or recovery certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result, reports.

In addition, travellers reaching Ireland are now also exempt from the requirement to fill in the Passenger Locator Form prior to their arrival.

“Travellers to Ireland are no longer asked to complete a COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form. Travel carriers will not ask to check a PLF receipt prior to travel to Ireland,” the Irish Department of Health said.

Apart from abolishing entry rules, Ireland has also listed the majority of the national COVID-19 restrictions in an effort to help many industries, especially the travel and tourism sector, recover from the damages caused by the virus.

Similar to Ireland, the Hungarian authorities have revealed that all incoming travellers, even those who have not been vaccinated or recovered from the virus, are now permitted entry without having to follow any entry rules.

>> Hungary Removes All COVID-19 Entry Requirements

According to the Hungarian authorities, travellers now only need to follow pre-pandemic travel rules. This means that persons who wish to visit Hungary are required only to present a valid travel document, such as a passport or a valid visa if required.

“It is possible to enter the territory of Hungary by public road, railway, water, and air traffic – regardless of citizenship and protection against the coronavirus,” the Hungarian authorities stated.

Hungary has also abolished some of its national COVID-19 rules. Citizens of the country, as well as travellers, are no longer required to present a vaccination, recovery, or a test certificate when accessing bars, restaurants, cafes, and other public places.

The requirement to wear a face mask when in enclosed spaces has also been abolished.

Apart from the two countries mentioned above, Iceland, Norway, and Slovenia have also lifted their entry measures. These three were the first to announce that travellers would be able to enter their territory without having to follow any measures.

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