It is the 11th day of war in Ukraine, and Russia’s offensive on the country seems far from over. Experts believe that the Russian president will not stop his “special operation” in Ukraine, no matter how many Russian soldiers lose their lives and no matter the sanctions received from the Western world and the European Union.

What Putin wants for the end of the war in Ukraine

But what does Putin want to end the war in Ukraine? Military and security expert Hari Bucur-Marcu believes that this war will not be stopped by sanctions, and Russia sees no other end to the current war in Ukraine than the one in which NATO and EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe will remain. without any military power and under the strategic control of the Russian Federation.

In this context, the expert says what Russia’s claims would be:

“First of all, Putin demanded that the West stop destroying traditional Russian values ​​and forcing Russians to adopt false (Western) values ​​by eroding them, eroding their people from within, and abandoning their attitudes. which they have aggressively imposed on their countries, attitudes that lead to degradation and degeneration, because they are contrary to human nature ”.

Then a second point is:

“Putin is demanding that Americans take up arms and leave Europe. Or, if not from all over Europe, at least from NATO member states in Central and Eastern Europe. “

The expert claims that the real motivation for the current war in Ukraine is the fear that the West would like to invade Russia and, as a result, wants it to be the first to strike. Last but not least, Russia’s demands for an end to this war are those of Ukraine.

That is, “demilitarization”, along with “denazification”, but also with the recognition of the independence of the two so-called separatist republics, within the administrative boundaries established at the time when they were territorial subdivisions within Ukraine. And the recognition of the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation, of course, “the expert added.

Under what conditions would the war in Ukraine end

Under what conditions would the war in Ukraine end? Expert Hari Bucur-Marcu believes that Russia’s war in Ukraine is, in fact, a war with the United States, and will only end when the United States reaches a package of agreements with Russia on the status and regime of European states. located near Russia.

“The first conclusion is that even before the first Russian soldier set foot on Ukrainian territory, its President Putin had decided that that soldier should die, at a cost that is never too high, to demonstrate the strength of the armed arm of the Federation. Ruse, who wants to re-establish peace and security arrangements in Europe, in exclusive agreement with the United States and in contempt for all other European states, Western only for a generation and more. States that, like the aggressed Ukraine, are in the minds of those in Moscow only “territories adjacent to Russia”, the expert added.

And if the expert’s conclusion is true, it means that Vladimir Putin is willing to continue to pay as high a cost as possible to achieve the Russian position of “great power”, regardless of the ammunition consumed for the destruction of Ukrainian localities, the cases of war crimes gathered. and no matter how much the Russian nation suffers diplomatically, politically, economically, culturally, from sanctions.

Therefore, the expert also explained the only way to peace that can be seen. Hari Bucur-Marcu talks about the only way to peace:

“If we continue to sanction and isolate the Russian Federation, to the point where it is completely removed from the United Nations, as an international actor outside any rules, laws and customs of international law and international relations, but also to the point where no Russian citizen will be received anywhere else in the world (except for health reasons), if Russian diplomats from all states called “territories” by the Kremlin are expelled, and Russian embassies there will close (with customary reciprocity, of course), if news agencies and public information channels seize the media presence of Moscow leaders, if the International Criminal Court starts prosecuting Russian war criminals, without waiting for the investigation of private cases , only on the basis of irrefutable evidence that the entire Russian war in Ukraine is a war crime in itself, being unchallenged, d it is also meaningful, then the data of the problem could be of the nature of a change of policy in the Kremlin, if not of a change of politicians in the Kremlin “, the expert concluded.

War in Ukraine, day 11. A new balance sheet of losses among the Russian army

It is the 11th day of the war in Ukraine. Recently, Ukrainian forces presented a new balance sheet of the estimated losses suffered by the Russian army since the invasion began.

  • over 11,000 soldiers
  • 285 tanks
  • 985 armored personnel carriers
  • 109 artillery systems
  • 50 rocket launchers
  • 21 anti-aircraft systems
  • 44 aircraft
  • 48 helicopters
  • 447 combat vehicles
  • 2 boats
  • 60 tanks
  • 4 drones

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