US President Joe Biden says that one of its major strategic objectives It is maintaining NATO and the European Union together, under the conditions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“My goal from the beginning was to make sure that NATO and the European Union they are on the same wavelength. Because the only thing Putin thought he could do was to divided nato. And that didn’t happen, “Biden said in an interview with the influencer Brian Tyler Cohen.
Biden a mai
SAPS that Russia will pay a price picked up both long-term and short-term for the invasion of Ukraine, adding that this conflict a approximateat Europe and NATO.

The effect is exact oppositethe compared to what he has proposed, “Biden said of Putin.

PThe US president said the sanctions were in place the only way to penalize Russia without risk a global war.
“You have two options: either you start a third world war, get at war with Russia, physically, either make sure ca country that acts clearly against international law pays a price for this thing”, said Biden.

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