NATO will decide its strategy for the next ten years in Madrid, and it is crucial for Ukraine to see the next steps towards its accession to the North Atlantic Alliance, a European Jewish Association (EJA) conference in Kiev said on Monday night at a conference. Ukrainian President for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, Olha Stefanişina.

Olha Stefanişina said that Ukraine does not back down from its NATO membership, this being the option of the Ukrainian society, according to

“I believe that not only does Ukraine want to be a member of NATO and it is known that it is not a decision of a politician, it is a decision of the people and of society as a whole, which eight years ago chose to be part of the European family. I think it is important for NATO to show Russia that it does not accept ultimatums, “she told an EJA conference in Kiev ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“In Madrid, in less than six months, NATO will hold its next summit and decide on its strategy for the next ten years, and it is crucial for us to see the next steps towards Ukraine’s accession to NATO. (…) So we do not back down. to this “, the senior Ukrainian government official said in a briefing for foreign journalists.

Asked if that would not be the reason why Vladimir Putin was waiting to attack Ukraine, she drew attention to how things had turned out in recent months.

“A few months ago, Russia said it did not want Ukraine and Georgia to join. Then it said it did not want a military presence in Eastern Europe. “It was a clear red line,” said Olha Stefanişina.

She stressed that her country does not underestimate the military option, but knows Russia and understands that “the red lines are where they stand”. “Putin puts his red lines as far as he wants until he is stopped,” the Ukrainian deputy prime minister said.

Asked about the scenario in which Russia would work to replace the current government with one favorable to its plans, she said that this is not news for the Kiev authorities.

“Russia has a long history of investing in the Ukrainian elections, with the support of leaders and politicians and other hybrid media. So it’s not news to us, we were preparing for it and we have been signaling this to our international partners for a long time Because Putin and Medvedev say in recent articles that they will not have a dialogue with those in power in Ukraine, but will wait for the next ones, and they have many allies here (…). a test for democracy, “Olha Stefanişina added.

Asked what could be done to put pressure on the Russian leader and ease the situation, she said that “the most important pressure is international support for Ukraine, but military assistance also plays a role.”

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