Former SIE chief of staff Silviu Predoiu claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin has felt the weakness of European and US leaders, and this gives him the courage to force the situation in Ukraine. Predoiu shows that Vladimir Putin is proud and wants to give back to Russia the power of a great empire.

“It simply came to our notice then. People want to know what to expect and whether it is a threat. It seems to me absolutely justified the interest and the attempt to guess. I’m a little scared of this term of guessing because so many are guessing. Guess when you have no information, guess when you are not able to integrate the data you have. And yet many are wondering what will happen next. It seems to me that there is a huge disproportion between Putin’s Russia today and the West. Putin is not stronger or better than he was, he is a relatively consistent person. Our problem is that those who should answer Putin are getting weaker every day. “

Gen. (r) Silviu Predoiu: “Putin is preparing all the steps!”

“I was saying at one point that the best predictor of man’s future actions is his past actions. His life experience. Putin was an intelligence officer, and that’s a not-to-be-missed template. You are taught to think in a certain paradigm, to prepare an action plan and to let it go when the right conditions are met to bring it as close as possible to success. Putin thinks that way. It is clear that he has prepared steps for any step taken by the West, he responds promptly. The poverty of Western diplomatic baggage in relation to Russia is almost disarming. We have a problem with Putin’s response. “

Gen. (r) Silviu Predoiu: “Putin is not afraid that he will be attacked from Deveselu or Kogalniceanu or from a base in the Czech Republic or Poland”

“Not! His problem is not one of security, it is one of image and pride. He promised the Russians a return to Russia’s status as imperial, not communist, power and influence. Putin wants to be talked about. I didn’t even talk about him as a threat until it happened. For about a year now, everyone has been looking at China. China was the threat to the United States, to NATO, China was the emerging power. Brethren, isn’t anyone talking about me anymore? Did you forget about me? (…) At the moment, Putin has no equivalent to answer, and the current situation is the result of an unfortunate overlap of the US’s inability and de facto indecision, the EU’s inability to speak with one voice when it comes to Russia’s threat of provocation. All these two elements, superimposed on Putin’s personality profile – a dominant, ambitious, determined person, with clear objectives for him, well defined “, according to

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