Depending on the type of card chosen, the prices for cable transport in Poiana Brașov start, for adults, from 50 lei for one with 10 points and reaching 1,140 lei for a subscription for 10 consecutive days.

The only prices unchanged compared to the 2020-2021 season are those that tourists will pay for an ascent, respectively a descent with the cable car, these being 25 lei for an adult and 15 lei for children between 6-12 years, respectively 40 lei ascent and descent for adults and 20 lei / child.

Also, the prices of the subscriptions for certain hourly intervals remain at the level of last year’s tariffs: from 11.00 (120 lei / adult, 70 lei / child), 13.00 (90 lei / adult, 50 lei / child) and from 14.00 (65 lei adult / 40 lei / child).

Otherwise, the cards for the cable car, the gondola, the chairlifts and the ski lifts from Poiana Brașov, which have from 10 to 240 points, have become more expensive with amounts between 5 and 100 lei. Thus, for example, if last year a 10-point / adult card cost 45 lei, this season a tourist will pay 50 lei, and for a 240-point card, which costs 570 lei, this year he will pay 670 lei. she.

Lower increases are in subscriptions for a certain number of days. Thus, this year, a 10-day one (consecutive or not) will cost 1,140 lei for an adult and 700 lei for a child, unlike the prices paid last year, when they were 1,050 lei, respectively 650 lei.

The new rates, as well as the special fee for the use of the ski area by the company Ana Teleferic were approved on Friday by the Brasov Local Council.

According to the mayor of Brasov, Allen Coliban, “this is not an exaggerated increase in total”, he mentioning, in the meeting of the local forum on Friday, that “certain products, which are more used, more appreciated by the people of Brasov” were increased.

The mayor also said that the “calculation algorithm” established this year for the special tax on the use of the public domain will bring more money to the municipality, giving as an example the fact that if last year the ski area brought to the budget 1.5 million lei, on the new algorithm, for the same human trafficking, the amount would amount to 2 million lei.

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