The Minister of European Funds, Dan Vîlceanu, contradicts the Minister of Labor, Marius Budai. The statement that “the 9.4% of GDP ceiling means impoverishing the population” is a false one, and the European funds specialist also comes with the explanation.

Romania has never had 9.4% of GDP in pension expenditures so far, but that does not mean that pensioners have been sentenced to poverty.

“It simply came to our notice then.

Excuse me, but we’ve never had 9.4% of GDP in pension spending before. I had less. This means that all the politicians who have been in power so far have deliberately kept Romania poor and the pensioners poor. What I don’t believe in! “, Said the Minister of European Funds, Dan Vîlceanu, on Friday evening, at Digi24, referring to the statement that” the percentage of 9.4% of GDP leads to the impoverishment of the population “.

Dan Vîlceanu and Marius Budăi have different visions and contradictory discussions

The Minister of European Funds was asked if these statements were not a reproach to the Minister of Labor. Dan Vîlceanu claims that there is no question of such a thing, mentioning that he and Marius Budăi always have contradictory discussions.

“He has a socialist vision, I have a different vision. From my point of view, and I also told him, it is incorrect to refer to the average expenditure on pensions in the European Union. If you do this, you should also refer to the average collection in the European Union. And then what you say has value.

Otherwise, you can’t say that Romania, which collects a little over 30%, has pension expenses of 12% or 13%, which is the European average, as well as another country that collects 40%. The European Union has no problem and the Commission has no problem with Romania having 12%, as the European average, of pension spending. But to have somewhere to pay them, that is, to collect the European average, 40%, ”said Dan Vîlceanu.

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