The congestion in Prahova Valley can be avoided, especially now during the winter holidays, but drivers must be careful when choosing alternative routes. They can reveal beautiful landscapes, but they can become real traps if the cars are not equipped, or if the bad weather makes a difficult mountain route practicable even for 4X4 cars.

Adevă has proposed six such routes, noting that the decision to choose such a route must be carefully weighed, as the estimated times may vary depending on traffic and weather.

  • Bucharest-Pitesti-Campulung-Bran-Brasov

Perhaps the most convenient route to Brasov that avoids the traditional congestion on the Prahova Valley is the one that starts on the A1 highway and passes through Piteşti and Câmpulung to descend into the Braşov depression from Bran.

The distance is about 280 kilometers and, under normal conditions, the journey from Bucharest to Brasov takes about four hours.

  • Bucharest-Targoviste-Dragoslavele-Bran-Brasov

An alternative route, but which also ends on the Rucăr-Bran route before descending to Braşov, is through Târgovişte.

The distance from Bucharest to Brasov on this route is approximately 210 kilometers, and the duration of the journey, under normal circumstances, is three and a half hours.

  • Bucharest-Targoviste-Pucioasa-Sinaia-Brasov

The other route to Brasov that passes through Targoviste avoids the congestion in the Comarnic area, descending in Sinaia via Pucioasa and Moroeni. It is about the well-known road that climbs to the tops of Păduchiosu Peak.

The weather could make this route one that, after leaving Moroeni, would be a bit more difficult, but normally those close to 190 kilometers between Bucharest and Brasov that are crossed in this way are also done in approx three and a half hours.

  • Bucharest-Ploiesti-Valenii de Munte-Cheia-Brasov

For those looking to replace the congestion on the Prahova Valley with a spectacular route through the mountains, full of serpentines, the idea of ​​reaching Brasov through the Mountain Walls might be the most appropriate.

The route can normally be traveled by any car, but as with all other routes, the authorities constantly recommend for this period a careful preparation of the trip and the equipment of cars with winter tires and chains, as well as shovel and sand reserves. . Normally, the route 180 kilometers can be traversed in approx three and a half hours.

  • Bucharest-Vălenii de Munte-Tabla Buţii-Braşov

If the previous routes are recommended for any time of the year and for any type of car, this road is only for well-equipped off-road vehicles and, in general, must be treated with care occurs in winter, it is advisable to avoid this route completely. would be the car used when snow is announced. Normally, the road 190 kilometers is done in approx five hours, but no one who dares to travel here does it to get to Brasov as soon as possible, but because the whole area is spectacular in itself.

  • Bucharest-Ploiesti-Campina-Valea Doftanei-Sacele-Brasov

Another possible route to Braşov passes through Ploieşti and Câmpina, but instead of continuing to Comarnic and Sinaia, it ventures on the Doftana Valley and then descends from the mountains to Săcele. Again, this is a recommended route only for well-equipped off-road vehicles and should be avoided when it snows. Normally those over 170 kilometers from Bucharest to Brasov can be traveled in approx five hours, but as in the previous case, the route is not one that tourists should choose because it could be faster, but because it offers the opportunity to visit several places of special beauty.

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