The former mayor of Brașov, Hoghiz, Ion Şerban, was sentenced on Thursday, by the Brașov Tribunal, to 4 years and 4 months in prison. In fact, the court sentenced him to 4 years in prison for the crime of improper participation in the use or presentation in bad faith of false, inaccurate or incomplete documents or statements, if the act results in the wrongful obtaining of funds from the general budget of the European Union. or from the budgets administered this time on its behalf, in a continuous form – 6 material acts. But the defendant had a past sentence of 1 year in prison with suspension. On Thursday, the judges overturned the conditional suspension of the 1-year prison sentence and merged it with the current prison sentence, applying the heaviest (4-year) sentence to which was added 1/3 of the other. Therefore, the defendant Șerban Ion has to serve the resulting sentence of 4 years and 4 months in prison. However, the decision of the Brașov Tribunal is not final, as there is a right of appeal within 10 days from the communication. On the civil side, if the decision is upheld, the court obliges the defendant to pay to the civil party the Agency for Payments and Intervention for Agriculture the amount of 5,965,421.13 lei, to which are added interest and penalties from the date of each payment made by the civil party in period 2007-2012 until the full payment of the main debit.

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