The European Parliament on Thursday adopted its position on the draft law on digital services, a package of measures that should allow better regulation of the operation of platforms and a ban on illegal online content, reports AFP.

MEPs adopted, with 530 votes in favor, 78 against and 80 abstentions, an amended version of the ‘Digital Services Act’ (DSA), a draft presented in December 2020 by the European Commission, which -completed in certain aspects.

“We are taking control of the internet giants again,” Danish MEP Christel Schaldemose (Socialist & Democrat Group) told reporters in Wednesday’s debate on the text, according to

“With the DSA, we will fight a battle against this Wild West that has become the digital world,” she said.

“The lack of control over the decisions of several large platforms could no longer be tolerated,” said European Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton. “We will create an innovative system with a simple principle: everything that is banned offline is also banned online,” he explained.

This bill would modernize the European regulation applicable to digital services, which dates back to 2000, an era in which social networks and smartphones did not exist.

The text seeks to force giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon to attack illegal content, including hate speech and misinformation, and to control goods sold on their platforms (counterfeit or dangerous products).

The bill also calls for “increased transparency” regarding the algorithms used by these platforms. The text also provides for the establishment of safeguards for the detection of sexual abuse or images without the consent of persons in pornographic content broadcast by users on platforms.

Companies that violate these provisions could receive fines of up to 6% of their annual turnover.

MEPs completed the Commission’s text to end the collection of data used to reach minors or vulnerable people or to introduce a procedure to compensate users harmed by platforms.

Following the vote in the European Parliament, the delicate phase of negotiations with the Member States begins, with a view to reaching a final version of the text, which will then be put to the vote again by MEPs.

“The fight is not over,” said French environmentalist MEP David Cormand.

“We need to be more ambitious when it comes to attacking the manipulative algorithms and division models of Bigh Tech companies,” he added, citing a more protective text.

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