Why should the children’s winter vacation be predictable and bigger in the opinion of Mr. Cristian Marinescu, the owner of the largest tourist complex in Paltinis.

In Romania, predictability is just a word in the dictionary and nothing keeps its continuity for 3-4 years. For this reason, the business plans of companies and business people are difficult to make in the long run and are constantly adapting to the daily realities that are constantly changing. The children’s winter holidays are an old discussion in Romanian mountain tourism and rarely in the last 25 years have they had the same period for three years in a row. Sometimes, as was the case this year, it was only during the winter holidays.

The opinion of those in tourism, those who offer ski camps to children is quite well known and the owner of the largest tourist complex in Paltinis strengthens this opinion. The winter holidays must be predictable and offer all the little ones a period in which to have the opportunity to take advantage of the white season.

Mr. Cristian Marinescu has been involved in tourism for over 15 years, owns and manages the Alpina Casi & SPA Tourist Complex, the largest hotel unit in Paltinis resort, has also been involved in government management structures, being Secretary General of Ministry of Transport within the Government of Romania. He is therefore a person who knows and understands this problem from both sides. Both the private sector that wants customers and the state that has its own interests. In recent years, more than 12,000 students have enjoyed a holiday in the resort, and even though it is the largest in Paltinis, it has often been too small for the very high demand for the short holiday season.

Cristian Marinescu

An informed opinion proposing solutions that bring benefits to all those involved.

More precisely, through Mr. Cristian Marinescu, several solutions are proposed for children to benefit from winter camps and ski lessons at decent prices and without entering the crowd that defines this period at this time. Obviously, they can be adapted to the reality of the times, but keeping the essential component. During a video session I noticed some of the proposed solutions.

  • Develop a calendar in which students’ winter vacation is clearly set.
  • Outlining a program that will contain a winter holiday but also an inter-semester vacation.
  • The proposal that the winter holidays be taken by the schools by provinces or geographical areas, in a way to be established by the Ministry of Education, so as not to harm the school year.
  • Another way to share the students’ vacation could be in 10-day periods between January 1st and February 10th.
  • Between January 1-10, a quarter of the children in the country will have a holiday, January 10-20, the second quarter, between January 20-30, the third quarter, between February 1-10, the last part. The next year could be postponed, to catch everyone from January 1-10 once every 4 years to be a predictability in favor of all.

From the information provided by the Ministry of Education, corroborated with what hoteliers know that they receive in the accommodation units during the winter school holidays, out of the total of approximately 2.8 million students in the education of grades I-XII over 10% want to take advantage of the snow and come to learn to ski, to practice a winter sport or to perfect what they already know. Many of them come to camps but many also come with their families. This leads to the overcrowding of all mountain resorts in Romania, the exponential increase in accommodation prices and the increase in the price of all related services offered on the slopes because they are all obliged to come in the same short period of time.

Applying one of the above solutions or a combination of the solutions offered would benefit everyone involved. Students, parents, hoteliers, state.

  • For students there will be the opportunity to spend free time on the ski slopes without crowds so familiar now.
  • The waiting time at the slopes will be shorter, the congestion in the resort will be shorter and implicitly the fact that this congestion will no longer exist will lead to better services because it will take the pressure off the shoulders of those involved in serving tourists.
  • Parents are advantaged because prices will not explodea, that discrepancy between supply and demand no longer exists.
  • Hoteliers can do it predictable and long-term plans, having the possibility to offer high quality services to the guests.
  • The state will profit by the taxes that will be collected, taxes that are now collected only for the short period of the Holidays.
  • Prices for ski passes would not be so high and there would also be more instructors with better prices, even the price of ski equipment would be lower
  • It would benefit a lot more children to learn to ski.

The discussion on this issue is complex and involves several parts. Everyone’s opinions and interests must be listened to and respected. Children, parents, hoteliers, teachers and teachers and of course the representatives of the Romanian Government. But in order to reach a solution, the discussion must be opened in an official framework and only then can the problems be solved. Without dialogue there is no solution and that is why Mr. Cristian Marinescu initiated these steps together with local, county and national authorities. Thus, discussions have already taken place with one of the first vice-presidents at national level PNL, the person involved and devoted and who is one of the people very close to the Minister of Education Sorin Campeanu, with the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and with the adviser of Minister Sorin Campeanu. Also, the discussions have been carried out so far with parliamentarians from different parties and the study was also sent to the deputy Natalia Intoterro, the chairman of the commission for education in the Chamber of Deputies. It is a proof of the seriousness of this discussion as well as of the total involvement of Mr. Cristian Marinesu for the favorable solution of an important problem for Romania.


A solution to this problem would be to the benefit of all involved and a success for society.

Cristian Marinescu


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