New link announced ( It’s not in traffic yet ) between Bucharest and Otopeni Airport is called Aerobus and there are practically special buses that connect the airport and the center of the capital without stopping at all STB stations where the current 783 stops. General Assembly of the Bucharest-Ilfov Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport approved the establishment of a new passenger transport line between Henri Coandă Bucharest-Otopeni Airport and the center of the Capital and it remains to be seen in traffic.

Since the change of the charging system at STB, the special bus 783 that connects Unirii Square and Otopeni Airport has received the same regime as the flights in the city. The same ticket price, the same stations where all the others stop. Thus, a trip between the two points can take more than an hour and a half in busy hours, the bus stopping at all stations and is now used by everyone, including those who live in Otopeni and come to Bucharest or vice versa or in the city of those who use it for one or a few stations. This has sometimes led to overcrowding, especially since the train from the North Station is not extremely used, being on hand for many of the people of Bucharest. But even so, the 783 bus comes quite often and is not extremely crowded.

The capital of Romania, “joins” the big cities in the world and returns to a special bus line that connects the airport and the city center, which already exists but it was transformed into a normal one. Access is easy for all categories of passengers and luggage. The buses should be equipped with a minimum bilingual passenger information system (ro-en), USB sockets for charging electronic devices in each row of seats, air conditioning, air conditioning and the degree of pollution of the new buses should be in accordance with the provisions of the Service Regulations. local public passenger transport, in the Bucharest – Ilfov region ”.

Otobeni Aerobus stations

  • Henri Coanda Otopeni Airport (Arrivals Terminal)
  • Free Press Square (Press House)
  • Victoriei square
  • Romanian market
  • University
  • Union Square (Horoscope)

With a Terminal 2 postponed due to the pandemic until 2026, fewer passengers for the same reason, with the train connecting the airport and North Station, buses 783, countless taxis and carsharing cars like UBER or Bolt, at this time is not such a line is a priority from our point of view. Which will obviously be more expensive than the current 783 because this line will be private and not state. Obviously it will bring a plus but the contract that is to be awarded for 10 years is very possible that at some point it will overlap with the subway line that is to be built in the future.

Maybe it would be better to supplement the 783 line, make the buses special, with luggage seats, and return to the status of the Express line. It would be easier and more logical! But it would mean that the City Hall admits a mistake! Or maybe the mistake was intentional and the aim was to award such a contract…

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