November 12, 2021, 11:48 AM GMT + 0200

The DoubleTree by Hilton Brașov Hotel will have over 150 rooms and is expected to be inaugurated in the summer of 2023.

“I bought the building from BCR this spring and I hired the right consultant, Mircea Drăghici from EST Hospitality, for the feasibility study and the selection procedure of the hotel operator. We will invest around 21 million euros in this project and we rely heavily on the support of local authorities throughout this process. We are considering other major investments in Brasov “, said Vitalie Său, representative of Venus Crown Residence Estate SRL, the company that will develop this project.

Located in the center of Brasov, DoubleTree by Hilton Brasov will be the tallest building in the city.

“Brasov has a strategic position in the center of the country and will attract most regional conferences in the coming years. With the opening of Ghimbav – Brașov International Airport, the number of tourists, business and leisure will increase, as well as the demand for quality services and security in existing hotels. The presence of a brand as strong as Hilton in the city will contribute to the promotion of the destination “Brașov” on international markets “, said Mircea Drăghici, representative of EST Hospitality.

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