Three Russian landing craft in the Northern Fleet have joined three other similar ships in the Baltic Sea, causing concern among the Swedish army, which has alarmed its troops, writes the Associated Press, taken over by Mediafax.

The landing ship Ivan Gren, Project 11711, the newest and most heavily armed ship of its kind in the Russian navy, joined the group of vessels. Ivan Gren joined the Russian Navy in 2018, has a length of 135 meters and can take on board a battalion equipped with 13 tanks, 40 transporters and four attack helicopters.

“We have decided to reposition our troops. This does not mean an increased danger, but we want to adapt to the situation, “said Lieutenant General Leif Michael Claesson of the Swedish Army. “Some measures taken by us will be visible and others will not be visible,” he added.

According to the Swedish military official, several measures and troop deployments will be near the island of Gotland, which is about 300 kilometers from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. Sweden has already deployed several military units on the island of Gotland, using C-17 aircraft and ferries, in the context of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the Defense Ministry said.

Russia also made such maneuvers in the Black Sea last year, when it mobilized several landing craft for an exercise off the coast of the Crimea. Many of the Russian military deployments on the border with Ukraine took place even during exercises, proving that the Kremlin’s policy remains unpredictable. That is why European countries are concerned about any Russian military maneuver.

Editor: Luana Pavaluca

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