Incredible revelations come to light regarding Florin Cîțu. The former prime minister of Romania was allegedly financed and helped by an aunt of his to be enrolled in a private college in the United States of America, in 1992. Who is the woman who financially supported the Romanian senator, 30 years ago? for years.

Who is the wealthy aunt who financially supported Florin Cîțu

Minodora Ilie, an influential figure on the local political scene, in the first 10 years of Romania after the Revolution, was the one who helped the former prime minister Florin Cîțu to enter a private college in the United States of America. The woman was related by alliance with the Romanian senator.

Councilor Minodora Ilie stated exclusively for G4Media that she financially supported her nephew Florin Cîțu three decades ago. Minodora Ilie has been an adviser to four premieres of different political orientations.

Also, Florin Cîțu’s aunt founded, in 1992, the Omenia Humanitarian Foundation, among the founders being a colonel from the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE).

“Yes, yes, there have always been services (no – in the foundation) because, without services, without justice, without the army, a country does not own it,” said Minodora Ilie, according to the quoted source.

Florin Cîțu was deeply indignant at the allegations that he was financially supported by a relative through an alliance, which is why he sent a message on Whatsapp to G4Media journalists:

“I hope you have evidence in the sense of what is claimed by someone who claims to be my aunt.”, Was the message that Florin Cîțu sent to G4Media, being deleted a few minutes later.

In an interview given in May 2021, former Prime Minister Florin Cîțu told how he got to the United States and how he managed there. He said he was the only candidate in Eastern Europe for a US Government-funded scholarship, then wrote “essays” to supplement his funding and worked on the university campus.

Adrian Năstase’s Aunt Tamara, another case known among Romanians

In recent years, there have been some rumors in the press that Florin Cîțu has dropped out of the second grade of high school and college entrance exams in Romania, statements that the former Romanian prime minister has vehemently denied.

The fact that Florin Cîțu was financially supported by Minodora Ilie in the 90’s reminds Romanians of another famous case in Romania, that of Adrian Năstase and his aunt Tamara, a relative by a wife from the wife of the former prime minister.

The information was revealed to Romanians in 2007, when Dana, Adrian Năstase’s wife, made public photos with the late Aunt Tamara, a woman who came from a wealthy family in Tbilisi. The former prime minister and his wife cared for her until she closed her eyes forever.

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