The source writes that the level of support for the Ukrainian resistance will far exceed the aid given in Afghanistan in the 1980s to anti-Soviet fighters. The political analyst Bogdan Chirieac said, during an intervention on România TV, what this entails.

“It’s news in the New York Times today. I wish it were true. However, the New York Times, a highly prestigious and well-informed newspaper, said that US Secretary of Defense Loyd Austin had informed his Russian counterpart that if Putin attacked Ukraine, The United States will train guerrilla forces in Romania, Poland and Lithuania, following the model of Afghanistan, when the USSR invaded that territory in 1980. ‘, said Chirieac.

‘First of all, it’s the kind of information you don’t make public. And if you do such things with the training of guerrilla troops, you will not make them public. The troops would be trained by the CIA, which can do so on the territory of allied states, it cannot operate on the territory of the United States. The CIA is working in secret, assumed by the Pentagon, ” Chireac said.

“Of course, these guerrilla troops, beware, not the regular Ukrainian army, which will fight behind the lines of territories, possibly occupied by the Russians, these troops can be considered terrorists by the Russian Federation. Or, if you have training bases for terrorists on the territory of some NATO states, we are entering an extremely complicated legal area. And the political situation would be very complicated. ‘

‘In the end, please, this moment had to come. We have nothing to do. Romania must work closely with the United States, but the idea as such must not be taken and used, at least not in plain sight. At this moment, it has been made public and there is nothing left to do. ‘, Bogdan Chirieac also declared on România TV.

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The drums of war are ringing again in Europe, writes Bogdan Chrieac in an editorial for, in which he analyzes the situation created by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the implications of this geopolitical game globally, but also on our country.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General: Europe has never been closer to war in 30 years.

Sergei Lavrov, Moscow’s foreign minister: Russia’s patience has ended (in Russia’s negotiations with the West, nn). We are preparing for war.

Lieutenant General Michael Klaesson, Chief of Staff of the Swedish Army: Sweden has raised the alert level of its armed forces, especially on the island of Gotland, described as a Baltic Sea carrier due to the threat of a Russian attack on NATO.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin: The United States has reaffirmed its commitment to provide defensive assistance to the Ukrainian military, as negotiations between Russia and the West have failed to reduce tensions at Ukraine’s borders.

Ukraine is far from the standards needed for a NATO or EU state

Delegations from the United States and the Russian Federation met in Geneva on January 10 to try to prevent Russian troops from invading Ukraine. The conditions imposed by the Kremlin are extremely harsh: the withdrawal of NATO troops from Eastern Europe, the practical abolition of the sovereignty of the states that joined NATO after 1997, the return of the world at least 30 years ago. History has been called upon when Bush senior promised Gorbachev, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, that NATO would not expand into Eastern Europe and that Germany would remain neutral.

Of course, the deal was not included in a treaty, but Washington did not deny the allegations. Not for nothing, but the international press would have woken up with audio-video recordings of this discussion … The fact that the world has changed enormously in the last 30 years does not seem to matter at all to the Kremlin strategists.

For Romanian readers, a few words about the origin of the current crisis between Russia and Western countries – including our country. It all starts, from the point of view of military strategists, with the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014. Moscow has skillfully used its former Kosovo, torn apart by Serbia on ethnic grounds, to justify its actions. Since then, Ukraine has been a battleground for diplomats, politicians, secret services and businessmen with tens of billions of dollars in stake. The brawl leads to the family of the current president of the United States, Joe Biden.

Kiev, supported not too much by Europeans, uses a persuasive statement to find supporters; today Russia will invade Ukraine, tomorrow it will invade you. We are the last stronghold of Vladimir Putin’s appetite for new territories. The last decades of history are suddenly silenced. The fact that Ukraine itself is an artificial state created …..READ THE CONTINUATION OF THE ROMANIA DEFENSE ANALYSIS

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