“European culture exists through national cultures, which express the specifics of each people in the context of the common European heritage,” the President of the Romanian Academy said on Friday at the event organized by the institution to mark the National Culture Day.

“Eminescu is European, because he expresses the essence of the Romanian spirit and is the most representative Romanian creator because he has been included in the common European denominator”, also stated Acad. Ioan-Aurel Pop.

“He was not declared the prototype of the Romanian culture by any court or imposed by any state institution, but by life itself, by the great collective personality of the Romanian people and, therefore, he cannot be judged, admonished or taken down from pedestal by someone’s will. ”

“Eminescu expresses in his work, in a nutshell, the entire history of Romanian and European culture. Eminescu has classic lyrics such as those of Horatiu, Virgil and Ovid. He sings the gallant love and honor of medieval knights as once troubadours and troubadours, he details the Middle Ages of Alexander the Great, from 1400, as Victor Hugo did in Nôtre Dame de Paris for the French space “, added the President of the Academy.

“But Eminescu also anticipates the world of the future, projecting, through the perception of the speed of light and through the ideational universe of a world in eternal motion, the Romanian cultural and scientific creation towards the last century of the second millennium and towards the third millennium. Eminescu, born on a specific date (January 15, 1850) and in a certain place (in the Upper Country of Moldavia), completed his creation with the earthly Christian age, but was touched by an angel’s wing and was destined for eternity. ”

“There has been a lot of talk in recent years about European culture, through which some are trying to overshadow national cultures, including Romanian culture. European culture does not exist in itself, because it is not the product of a European people or a European language “, said the academician, emphasizing that what we call European culture exists through national cultures.

“Our complexes are related to the magnitude, not the value of the creation of the Romanian cult, and the magnitude is limited by many factors, including the language barrier. However, it is natural for us to “hold on to the place”, to cherish our values ​​as they are, to cultivate our language “like a honeycomb”, without ostentation and emphasis, placing them all in the European intellectual concert. . ”

“The Romanian Academy has been striving for over a century and a half to create culture, to capitalize on the Romanian cultural creation validated from all times and to prepare the premises of our future spiritual works, all integrated in the great currents of European values,” said the president of the Romanian Academy. .

The Romanian Academy initiated the establishment by day of the National Culture Day. The law was adopted by the Romanian Parliament in 2010, establishing its marking with the birthday of Mihai Eminescu, as a tribute to the National Poet.

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