Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told European Union ambassadors at a meeting on Thursday that the EU bloc had not provided substantial support to his country in combating migration and had not responded to Turkey’s efforts to improve relations with Turkey. EU, reports Reuters.

Relations between Ankara and the EU have reached a boiling point in 2019 following the dispute between Turkey and Greece over maritime jurisdiction and the rights to exploit offshore energy resources in the eastern Mediterranean, writes Agerpres.

Meanwhile, Ankara and Athens have resumed talks to resolve their disputes, easing tensions and setting what both Turkey and the EU have described as a “positive agenda”, a move that has only brought a minor boost to co-operation.

Speaking to EU ambassadors at a meeting in Ankara, Erdogan told them that Turkey had tried to establish ties with the EU bloc on a “stronger footing” but had hit “opposing tactics”. “I want to say with sadness that we have not received the answer we wanted from the EU in the face of these steps,” the Turkish head of state lamented.

Brussels has reached an agreement with Ankara

Brussels signed an agreement with Ankara in March 2016 to stem the tide of migrants coming to Europe, with the most important part of the deal being that Turkey will host Syrian refugees in exchange for billions of euros in European financial assistance.

Turkey continues to host about four million Syrian refugees and warns that it will not accept the reception of other migrants.

“Turkey has not received substantial support from the EU in the fight against migration,” Erdogan told European ambassadors, adding that “deep cooperation” will not be possible on the issue as long as the terms of the 2016 agreement do not are updated.

On the other hand, the Turkish president estimated that the current political tensions in Bosnia, provoked by the separatist actions of the Serbian leader Milorad Dodik, are exacerbated by the EU’s failure to offer a prospect of accession for this region, which is now “showing signs of recovery”. to the negative environment of the ’90s.

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