Several European capitals have called for a reduction in car emissions at the European Court of Justice, but the request was rejected.

Specifically, the cities of Brussels, Madrid and Paris are unhappy with the European Commission’s decision, which set too high emission limits for nitrogen oxides.

This case concerns the introduction by the Commission, following the 2015 Dieselgate scandal, of actual vehicle emissions testing. Laboratory procedures must also be completed and nitrogen oxide emission limits for light passenger and commercial passenger cars set.

Cities are complaining about the harsh limits imposed by the European Commission

According to, these major European capitals have complained that the limits are higher than the “Euro 6” standard and apply to cars registered in 2015.

Representatives of the three cities claimed that their ability to regulate car traffic had been undermined in order to reduce pollution.

The Court of Justice of the European Union has concluded that the Commission’s decision concerns only the registration and sale of cars, thus not affecting their movement on public roads, and that cities were not directly covered by law.

The court also said that cities could restrict the movement of vehicles to protect the environment, but without violating European Union law.

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