MedLife Medical System announces the resumption of the acquisition process of OncoCard Hospital Brașov, one of the most important centers for diagnosis and oncological treatment in Romania, by signing the contract to take over 100% of the group’s shares. According to MedLife representatives, the discussions for taking over OncoCard were initiated at the end of 2019, but were postponed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and resumed this year.

• The transaction is carried out by the Rapid Diagnostic Polyclinic, the first company to join the MedLife Group, being a firm confirmation of the accelerated development of the local medical business after the acquisition.
• Through this acquisition, MedLife continues the development plan on the oncology and radiotherapy segment at group level, OncoCard Hospital being one of the most important platforms for oncology diagnosis and treatment in Romania.
• Once validated by the Competition Council, this transaction will also contribute to the consolidation of the largest community of Romanian entrepreneurs created under the umbrella of MedLife, the only company in the top three nationally with Romanian shareholders.
• MedLife intends to make 2-3 more important transactions to strengthen its national leadership position and increase its regional presence.

Currently, the transaction to take over the OncoCard Hospital is carried out by the Rapid Diagnostic Polyclinic, the first company taken over by the MedLife Group as a result of an acquisition process. With the completion of the transaction and the integration within the MedLife Group, the evolution of PDR Brașov was a spectacular one, the company soon reaching the top 10 medical operators nationwide.

“For more than ten years we have been bringing together new medical entrepreneurs from all over the country to develop the Romanian capital. Today, in addition to the fact that we have managed to develop the largest community of Romanian entrepreneurs in the private medical sector, we are also witnessing a replication of our procurement strategy at the level of companies integrated in the group. And we are very proud of what we have managed to build. It is proof that the strategy we followed, to keep the founding management, to go together and to grow rapidly, was a winning one. And we are convinced that we will be able to replicate this model at the regional level as well ”said Mihai Marcu, President & CEO of the MedLife Group.

“The signing of the contract to take over the OncoCard hospital, one of the largest operators in the oncology area at national level, represents the most important achievement of ours, of PDR Brașov, since its establishment until now. I am one of the founders and I am proud to be part of the MedLife community of entrepreneurs and to support the development of this ecosystem in the private medical sector “said Mihai Vârciu, founding doctor of the PDR Brașov clinics group, a company part of the MedLife group.

Founded in 2012, OncoCard Hospital is based on an innovative concept of integrative medicine that begins in the diagnostic phase of the cancer patient and covers the entire period of specific active therapies. The medical unit includes a specialized outpatient clinic, oncology surgery department, hematology, radiotherapy and medical imaging departments, as well as its own laboratory, used internally for inpatients. OncoCard also features state-of-the-art technology that enables high-precision imaging investigations, including PET / CT and scintigraphy, and targeted treatments such as IMRT, RapidArc or conventional three-dimensional radiotherapy.

From the opening until now, investments worth 24 million euros have been made in the OncoCard Hospital. At the level of 2020, the company registered a consolidated turnover amounting to 56.4 million lei, increasing by 21% compared to 2019.

“Our mission is to be in the permanent service of patients and to provide medical services at the highest level of performance, so that we can instill in them confidence, courage, the desire to fight, to overcome the disease and to restore confidence in life. From the first discussions with MedLife, I knew that their goal was the same, so I trusted this partnership and took it further. Every day we aim to become a standard of quality in the level of medical services we offer, and together with MedLife we ​​will continue this path, reaching more and more patients who need us “, said Raluca Butuza, owner of OncoCard Brașov shares .

The transaction is to be analyzed by the Competition Council. Once approved, it could become the MedLife Group’s second largest transaction since 2021, after Neolife’s approval.

“As announced by our shareholders, we have 2-3 more important M&A transactions in progress. We are running the engines and investing in expanding the Romanian network, which is already substantially larger than any other private network, with a much higher coverage at county and capital level. We want our subscribers, individuals or employees of partner companies to know that they can drive to one of the MedLife medical units within an hour, no matter where they are. At the same time, we want to strengthen our presence outside borders. After more than ten years in which I was a national leader, it is time to prove that we can become one of the regional leaders “, Mihai Marcu also declared.

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