This weekend, the sun is announced in the city below Tâmpa, so we suggest a route dotted with places outside the Old Center and which deserves all the attention, because Brașov is surprising even in areas less used by tourists. The selection is popular especially among the locals who run away from the crowds that form on Saturdays and Sundays on Republicii or in Sfatului Square.

We tell you where to drink a specialty coffee in a place full of color and with a delicious breakfast, where you can get your best tarts, islets, dumplings or artisanal bread, where you stand in line for the most desired gelato in the city, in which new market the most appreciated local producers gathered, where you can have lunch among the bicycles and in a bohemian atmosphere, and at dinner we tell you about the best pasta in the city, but we also offer you two options where to drink a craft beer or a glass of wine / prosecco.

Zatz Coffee House (1 Plevnei Street) is located a short distance from the Hill of Transylvania University, at the intersection between Plevnei and Mihai Viteazul, and a stone’s throw from the first 360-degree mural in Brașov, made by artist Wanda Hutira in collaboration with Maria Zurbagiu, entitled “Stop Game”.

Zatz Coffee House. FOTO: Facebook

I also mentioned this because inside Zatz Coffee House there is another beautiful mural, signed by another famous artist, Alex Baciu. In addition to the specialty coffee made from locally roasted beans at Spired Roasters, you can also find a good brunch at Zatz, but also an ideal place when you want to work a little remote.

Five minutes away from the cafe Simple Bakery (Romanian Church Street 112), one of the most appreciated artisanal bakeries in the city and the place where you can get to go (during the pandemic the interior is closed) not only fresh bread, but also other pastries, tarts and specialties typical for this area of country, such as dumplings (plum dumplings) or islets – a unique local dessert.

Simple bakery. PHOTO: Facebook

Keep in mind that many of the good restaurants in town are stocked with bread and other local produce. If you are still in the area and you took something with you from the Simple Bakery, you can go up the Hill of Transylvania University to admire Brașov from another angle and enjoy your package here.

Then go down Dealul Morii Street, turn right on Sitei and then left on Victor Babeș, until number 32, where it is Fixelli, the place where Simone moved her kitchen and bistro. Fixelli is also a café and bar with a summer garden and a bicycle shed or a bicycle accessories shop.

For some time now, since the beginning of the pandemic, Simone has been cooking here, and every day there is another menu available, with delicious dishes and often with oriental or Asian accents (lentil dhal, Biryani rice with cauliflower, Korean pancakes , Moroccan chicken, etc.).

Please note that the kitchen is open until 17:00. For the dessert in this episode, we send you to Prund, to the most popular ice cream parlor among the people of Sche: Gelato Mania (Prundului 37). I haven’t seen a bigger queue at any of the ice cream parlors in town than here. Maybe the locals know something that tourists miss.

Ice Cream Mania. PHOTO: Facebook

We have tried gelato from this place several times and we can say that we understand why it is expected even a quarter of an hour in line for three flavors in a cone.

The next stop is at Cafe Central (Apollonia Hirscher 18), a small bar which, although in the center of the city, is away from the crowds that occur on the terraces in Council Square. What’s more, the view from here is wonderful, because you have Tâmpa nearby, which at this time of year is an explosion of shades of yellow, red and orange, with a few green dots from place to place.

Cafe Central. FOTO: Facebook

At Cafe Central you have craft beers, normal beer drafts, mulled wine and bottled wines or cocktails, in other words a generous menu of drinks with which to put your blood in circulation. It is also worth mentioning that it is located at an intersection that has recently been transformed into a square and a pedestrian area, so one more reason to pass by here.

If after this walk you get hungry, you can have dinner at Dei Frati (George Enescu Square 16), the place that many say would have the best pasta in town. Everything on the menu is worth a try (and seafood or other non-pasta dishes), and the heated terrace, atmosphere and, of course, food will make you feel a bit like Italy.

Of the Friars. PHOTO: Facebook

In fact, the place is the family business of two brothers who worked in restaurants in Italy for several years, before returning here to open their own business. The dishes from Dei Frati are not cooked with commercial pasta, but with pasta also made by them, in the restaurant – one of the brothers was for a month in Italy, at a pasta course.

To put an end to it, we suggest you do it as we started, outside the Old Center, at Ma Cocotte Gastro Wine Bar (Nicopole 34A), on a street behind the Citadel Hill. As the name suggests, it is a wine bar that brings together a diverse assortment of wines in association with the international gastronomic part.

Ma Cocotte Gastro Wine Bar. PHOTO: Facebook

Moreover, a wine tasting takes place there this weekend. It is the second event in the Wine Taste November series, in which customers are invited to explore the diversity of 30 wines from five wineries in Romania, bringing together the unique experience of international varieties and that of specific Romanian winemaking techniques.

Another interesting aspect of this place is that it is surrounded by tennis courts (the rear windows overlook two clay courts), being neighboring the Dinamo School Club.

As a bonus: before leaving Brașov, plan a small detour to the newest market in the city Shopron (Christian Road 7), opened on October 1. This place was designed as a Farmers Market that offers Brasov residents, and not only, the opportunity to have access to a market where high quality products are available directly from local producers.

Shopron. PHOTO: Facebook

“We also thought that at Shopron not only food is important but also socialization. It can become a new meeting place, a place where the people of Brasov can gather regardless of the season. And because we like well-made things that are always solid and imposing, we managed to make Shopron the largest covered market in Transylvania with an area of ​​over 15,000 square meters, “write Shopron.

So, you can leave here with the best quality local products, from cold cuts, to cheeses, fruits, vegetables, wines, pickles, etc. Keep in mind that starting with December 1, a Christmas fair will be organized here.

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