State-of-the-art nuclear power plants will need investments of 500 billion euros by 2050, say European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton. He says it is “crucial for nuclear energy to receive the green label in the energy transition.

Only existing nuclear power plants will need investments of 50 billion euros by 2030. And the new generation will need investments of 500 billion euros by 2050, a SAPS Breton, in a weekly interview Sunday Newspaper“, According to Agerpres.

In the December 31, 2021, the European Commission unveiled a project that some nuclear power plants and some of the power plants that use natural gas as fuel could be considered green projects, which would make it easier for them to attract funding. The EU executive will gather feedback on its proposals by 12 January and hopes to formally present the final text of its proposal by the end of this month. The text will then be discussed with the governments of the Member States and the European Parliament for up to six months

For Thierry Breton, the inclusion of nuclear energy in this taxonomy is crucial to enable the sector to attract the capital it will need.“, Reports AFP.

The ecological transition will lead to an industrial revolution of unprecedented magnitude. As well as a race for capital between different energy sources, for example only renewable energy will mobilize investments of 65 billion euros per year. To this we will have to add investments of 45 billion euros per year to equip ourselves with additional network infrastructures., the official estimated.

Given that 26% of electricity currently produced in the EU comes from nuclear power plants, Commissioner Thierry Breton emphasized that nuclear power will account for at least 15% of the energy mix in 2050.

Labeling nuclear power plants as investments version causes divisions within the EU. Thus, France, a country that supplies 70% of its electricity from nuclear power plants, is one of the most important supporters of nuclear energy and claims that the low CO2 emissions of nuclear power plants make this type of energy crucial for the transition to green energy. But Germany and other states are already opposed and have already begun shutting down their own nuclear power plants.

In mid-October, ten EU member states, including Romania, publicly demanded the inclusion of nuclear energy on the investment list. version. All signatory countries, led by France, point out that the rise in energy prices has highlighted the importance of reducing dependence on third countries as soon as possible. Nuclear power is an accessible and independent source of energy and should be included in the list of investments version by the end of this year.

To win the climate battle, we need nuclear power. For all of us, nuclear energy is a crucial and reliable asset for a low-carbon future, is stated in a statement signed in October by representatives of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia.

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