Florian Mitrea, founder of the Hoinar Festival, in concert

The Brașov Philharmonic will open the “Hoinar” Festival -2021, on December 2, with a piano marathon with three concerts performed on the same evening in Bucharest and Brașov.

The Hoinar Festival offers music lovers two weeks of concerts, between December 2nd and 14th. The festival is dedicated to the “king of instruments”, the piano, in all its forms, from classical to modern and jazz.

The festival opens on December 2, at 7 pm, at the Brașov Philharmonic, on the stage of the Patria Hall, with a concert for two pianos in the first Romanian audition

Performers are two of the most talented pianists of Romanian origin established internationally: Daria Ioana Tudor and Florian Mitrea. Daria Ioana Tudor is a lecturer at the famous Universität der Künste in Berlin, with an international career on the stages in Germany, Austria or the United States. Florian Miter teaches at the famous Royal Academy in London and was acclaimed on the stage of the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York.

The two bring to the public a marathon with three piano concerts by Beethoven, Bartok and Liszt in the same evening, on the same stage, under the baton of conductor Daniel Enășescu. Listeners are invited to move from one piano concerto to another, from Beethoven to Bartok’s Double Concerto, a work that partners for the first time in history with two pianists, two percussionists, and an entire symphony orchestra. with Liszt’s Concerto in E flat major, an avant-garde piece that revolutionized the piano-orchestra relationship and pushes the limits of tonality to extremes, with maximum intensity.

Bartok’s double concerto for two pianos, percussion and orchestra is sung in Romania for the first time.

The events of the Hoinar 2021 Festival will continue until December 14 in Bucharest, with a musical play, as well as a piano recital by Florian Mitrea with Nil Mladin, one of the most promising young Romanian pianists of the moment. At the end of the festival, on December 17th and 18th, Florian Mitrea will give a master class that includes lectures, open piano lessons, and discussions with the festival’s artists. The course is organized in partnership with the George Enescu National College of Music and will take place at the Great Hall of the institution.

The “Hoinar” Festival was founded by the Romanian pianist Florian Mitrea and brings together both an educational component and a festival component of concerts, recitals and performances unique in Romania, aiming to bring to light not only a repertoire of classical music especially in original interpretations, but also some of the most promising Romanian artists pursuing international careers, which deserve to be discovered by the Romanian public.

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