From 2022, Brasov will be the first Romanian municipality to use 100% green electricity

The move includes all public facilities like schools, street lights, cultural facilities and even the local ski area

Yesterday the Mayor of Brasov, Allen Coliban, announced that the city will cut 100% of its energy consumption from 2022 green sources. This includes all public facilities such as schools, cultural institutions, street lights and even the local ski area.

The move came after a deal with the local electricity provider Electricity supply to supply all 525 municipal consumption points with Hydropower. This is supposed to be the first completely green community in Romania.

The green capital of Romania?

According to the new agreement, 37 schools, 29 kindergartens, 8 kindergartens, cultural institutions and municipal buildings will be supplied with green electricity. The same applies to the heating plants, multi-storey car parks, sports facilities, public lighting and the electricity requirements for the local ski area (snow-making systems, pumping systems, etc.).

Despite the change, according to the city, communal electricity costs will not decrease compared to consumer prices, which are still mainly obtained from innate sources.

In fact, only about 34% of Electrica Furnizare’s total energy production can be classified as green and sustainable energy. The rest is mainly divided up money (16%), nuclear (28%), Naturally gas (20%).

On the other hand, when it comes to green energy sources, Hydropower makes up the largest share (25%), followed by wind (5%) and solar (4%). The main effect of the agreement is that municipal consumption will be switched from purchasing electricity from general electricity to exclusively purchasing energy from sustainable sources.

Despite the relative pro forma nature of the agreement, it is not an easy task to cover 100% of the electricity consumption of a community (including a ski resort) with green electricity. However, municipalities still have a long way to go, as thousands of households should eventually have access to sustainable energy.

Mayor Coliban said that Brasov is very committed to becoming Romania’s Green Capital and that the attitude of local authorities towards sustainability is very important as it can convince others to join the cause.

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