According to Travel Planner consultants, 2021 was a good year for the Bulgarian coast, especially from the point of view of Romanian tourists, who were in first place as a share among foreign visitors. Tourists need to know, however, that amid rising inflation and uncertainty caused by the pandemic, prices have risen. The rates applied by the hotels on the Bulgarian coast are greatly influenced by the western markets, from which tourists came at the end of the season, while Romanians and Bulgarians are limited to the period July – August. The last two years have not been very good, the Bulgarian coast feeling the lack of many western markets and the hoteliers want to recover the losses, according to a communiqué sent to the editorial office.

On the other hand, several new hotels have been opened and some of the hotels have undergone major changes, renovations, improvements. A special example is the HVD chain Reina del Mar in Obzor, the best hotel on the Bulgarian coast, which was built almost exclusively during the pandemic. The extraordinary success that this complex has enjoyed and is enjoying denotes the orientation of Romanians towards good, high quality services, and this trend will continue next year.

As in the previous year, tourists should know that there will be fewer and probably fewer special offers, especially since hoteliers in the neighboring country expect a good summer season. Bulgaria is a country with a similar degree of vaccination as Romania, and if this can be a problem for Western Europeans, it will not be for Romanians. The new Omicron strain has panicked tourists in Western Europe and charter flights have been suspended for the time being, and it is not yet possible to predict the intensity at which they will resume during the season. If these races from the west are resumed as in the pre-pandemic years, there will be fewer places available for Romanians. Therefore, Travel Planner specialists recommend early bookings, in order for tourists to be sure that they secure a place at their favorite hotel, at a price and in super-flexible conditions.

The situation will depend quite a bit on the context of the other two traditional Romanian foreign destinations, Turkey and Greece. In general, there were greater restrictions on these destinations to which vaccinated tourists mostly traveled, some of which were reserved in advance, while Bulgaria was preferred by unvaccinated tourists due to the lack of restrictions.

“Services may increase in quality this summer, as most hoteliers will train staff in advance and identify solutions to ensure good service during busy periods. I recommend that everyone turn to travel agencies, which can We’ve talked to every hotelier partner, and we’ve noticed that they’ve all learned the lesson from the previous season and want to prepare for a better year. remove the restrictions or at least be more relaxed, because Romania is a strategic market for Bulgaria at the moment “, says Sebastian Constantinescu, General Manager of Travel Planner.

The top resorts and the typology of the Romanian tourist

The Sunny Beach – Obzor area, where there are important hotel chains, will continue to have considerable increases in Romanian tourists. The good news, especially for Transylvanian tourists, is that Blue Air will introduce, during the summer season, direct flights from Cluj to Burgas, with a frequency of two flights per week. Albena and Golden Sands resorts remain traditional and in high demand.

Romanian tourists will prefer quality hotels, especially since most of them are families with children, an interesting aspect being the fact that the segment of families with two children is growing. The hotel offers access to a vast array of services, including beach bar, beach area, sun loungers, beach bar.

During this period, Travel Planner specialists recommend early booking, as there are super-flexible conditions, the advance is 0 on booking, free cancellation and payment in installments. Discounts range from 15% to 35%, with most good hotels offering discounts of around 20%.

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