The European Green Party could bring the European Commission to justice for its proposal to consider some nuclear power plants and some of the power plants that use natural gas as fuel sustainable, the dpa said on Tuesday.

“As European Greens, we are considering legal action in the European Court of Justice (CJEU) against the European Commission’s plans to classify investments in gas-fired power plants and nuclear power plants as sustainable and environmentally aggressive,” said Thomas Waitz. , co-chair of the European Greens, for Die Welt. “The Commission knows that its proposal can be challenged legally,” he added. “We also intend to mobilize a majority in the European Parliament against this plan,” Waitz said. According to the Commission proposal, investments in nuclear power plants will be considered ‘green’ if they use the latest technological standards and are accompanied by a concrete plan for the disposal of radioactive waste. New nuclear power plants should also receive building permits by 2045.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. In addition, they want nuclear energy to be considered sustainable, with France being the most vocal on the subject. With regard to nuclear energy, opponents of the plan, including Austria, say the long-term risks of radioactivity outweigh the short-term lack of CO2 emissions.

The EU executive’s proposal states that gas-fired energy production will be considered green if it has a transition to clean energy, with natural gas generating 50% lower emissions than coal, the EU executive said in a statement. a qualified majority of 20 of the 27 Member States, accounting for 65% of the EU population or a majority in the European Parliament.

The European Commission will receive comments from the Member States on the proposed plan by 12 January and hopes to put forward a final text by the end of the month, which will then have to be debated with the Member States and the European Parliament within six months.

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