The percentage of obesity has increased in Romania in recent years. Studies conducted by researchers show that the country’s food is increasingly poor, and the consumption of fast food is increasing year by year. A new study shows that we are at the bottom of the rankings in the European Union. In which top we occupy the last place and why food is a problem in the country we see immediately!

Romania occupies the bottom of the ranking, again

The food in Romania is precarious. Increased prices for basic and organic foods make Romanians consume more and more inferior food. That is why the consumption of fast food has increased, as has the percentage of obese people.

When it comes to the consumption of vegetables and fruits, we occupy the last place in the European Union. It is not the bad mouths but the report provided by EUROSTAT.

In 2019, only two percent of Romanians followed the doctors’ recommendation to consume five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. If their presence in the diet protects us from disease, their absence means poor health, say experts. That’s why more and more cases of cancer, diabetes, or COVID-19 occur daily.

According to the latest Eurostat figures, only two percent of the Romanian population had five servings of vegetables and fruits among their daily meals. That’s exactly what nutritionists recommend.

“Ideally, the 5 portions of fruits and vegetables should consist of three portions of vegetables, two of fruits, the portions of fruits can be equated with an average apple. For vegetables, portions vary from half a cup to a cup. And for salads we can consider the unlimited portion “, explained a nutritionist.

The lowest percentage of fruit and vegetable consumption

An extremely small percentage consumes fruits and vegetables in our country. 6% of Romania’s population is the lowest percentage in Europe, and not too far away are countries such as Bulgaria, Slovenia and Austria. The top countries with the best results in this respect are: Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark and France. They listen to the advice of nutritionists and eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

“Consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially in rural areas, is associated with poverty, with those who do not have money, knowing that meat products, especially beef or fish are much more expensive than vegetables and fruits,” he said. declared a sociologist.

Fruits and vegetables have also risen in price since the pandemic began, and the drought has affected thousands of crops in Romania. Regardless of the season, the price of vegetables and fruits is higher than in other years. This is also supported by some vegetable and fruit producers.

“Looking back a little, you know that the market has fallen a little, 15 years ago it seemed to sell much better than it does now. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants are the most sought after “, said a vegetable producer.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables should be higher given that in the cold season there are also diseases such as flu and cold.

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