The winter holidays continue this week for kindergarten and primary school children. Unfortunately, if they went to the mountains with their parents, they can’t go sledding or take ski lessons.

Because there is mud on the slopes, many camps have been canceled. The snow was kept only at an altitude of over 2,000 meters.

At the beginning of January, right on the eve of the Epiphany in Predeal, the landscape is desolate. At the bottom of the Clabucet slope there is more mud than snow. The children are sledding on a few white patches.

Cristina Frențiu, slope manager: “The cable carriers are also very affected, the ski lift, the conveyor belt, the skiers, the camps, the tourists, everyone is very, very upset. Now they should have started camps with small children who still have holidays, to offer them !? “

Valentin Mihalache, the band controller: “We even had a camp of 60 children who refused to come because of the chaos on the slopes.”

Even in Poiana Brașov, the snow could not withstand the 8 degrees Celsius, as the thermometers showed at noon.

Boy: “I’d rather go up the mountain and snow at the same time, go skiing.”

You can only ski in the upper part of the Postavaru massif, where, inevitably, congestion has been created.

In Păltiniș, in Sibiu, the snow is resisting for the time being, but only with the help of snow cannons, which will not be able to work indefinitely due to the very high temperatures. The managers of the slopes confirm that they are facing a difficult season and say that they have high expenses.

Andy Fazekas, representative of the ski resort in Păltiniș: “It’s an atypical winter. It’s extremely hot. If 10 years ago in November we had 10 more days with temperatures of -10, -15 degrees, now these temperatures are we had, not even so low, we had them 3 nights in which we practically managed to make the snow visible. “

Cătălin Fărcaș, ski instructor: “Skiing is good, the slope is not at the highest parameters, but we can do our job.”

For the 6 km of slopes in Păltiniș, at least 20 artificial snow cannons are put into operation, which consume energy of tens of thousands of euros in a month with high temperatures.

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