Weather January 3. On Monday and Tuesday the wind causes big problems, especially in the mountains. Until tomorrow morning, at 10 o’clock, we have a yellow code valid for the whole mountainous area, which announces wind speeds of over 80 km / h.

And at altitudes above 1700 meters, the gusts will exceed 120 km / h and it will snow blizzard. The wind is also blowing hard in the rest of the country, where it will blow at up to 65 km / h.

Weather January 3rd. In Europe, in the southwest and in the southeast, we find good weather, with generous sunshine. Otherwise there will be clouds and it will rain a bit, and in the north, in the east and on the mountain ridges there will be snow and sleet. In the lowlands, fog appears, and on the eastern side it warms up a little.

The wind blows strongly in the west, in the north and in the center, also near the Black Sea, including in the area of ​​Romania. Rainfall occurs in the northern half of Europe, but over the next three days it will spread to most regions except the south-east. On Thursday, the clouds dissipate and the precipitation appears on smaller spaces.

The warm air mass in the southern half is retreating to the southeast and southwest, and temperatures remain high in our country. Gradually, the cold air first occupies the northern half, and later covers most of the regions, with the exception of the southeastern and southwestern areas.

In Romania, at 7 o’clock, we have clouds and fog in most of the country. So far, for 22 counties in the southern, central and northern lands, yellow codes of dense fog and low visibility have been issued, valid until 10 o’clock. In the mountains, the wind blows at speeds of up to 80 km / h, but in the high area north of the Orientals there are gusts of 100 km / h. The wind blows a bit nervously in the Danube Delta as well the coldest is in Miercurea Ciuc: -3 degrees. The highest temperature, 11 degrees, is recorded in Piatra Neamţ and Târgu Ocna.

Weather January 3, by regions

On Monday, temperatures rise in most regions, and the weather remains unnaturally warm for early January. In the west, in the northwest and in the center, there will be persistent clouds and it will rain, and at high altitudes it will snow or it will rain. Otherwise, we catch short sunny moments, with fog in the morning, in the low areas of the south and southeast. The wind has intensified in most parts of the country, with speeds of 45 … 65 km / h, but in the mountains the gusts will exceed 80 … 120 km / h. Highs start at 8 degrees in depressions and reach up to 16 degrees in the south and southwest.

On Monday, temperatures rise everywhere and the weather remains particularly warm. In the west, in the northwest and in the center we have clouds and it will rain, but otherwise there will be sunny periods. In the morning, fog appears, and the wind intensifies everywhere, with higher speeds on the mountain ridges. Highs start at 8 degrees in depressions and reach 16 degrees in the south and southwest.

We see what is happening in each region and we start with Dobrogea and Bărăganul, where we have changing weather and foggy conditions, in the first hours. The wind blows at up to 55 km / h, and the maximum reaches 12 degrees.

Both southern Moldova and northern Muntenia were foggy this morning. Then the sun is passing through, the wind will be active and it will be warmer than the previous day.

Temperatures are also rising in northern Moldova and Bukovina, where they will reach 12 degrees Celsius. There will be short sunny moments, but it is not excluded that 2-3 raindrops will come. In the mountains, at high altitudes, it will rain or it will snow blizzard, with gusts of over 120 km / h.

There will be persistent clouds in northern Transylvania and Maramureş and it will rain. Here, too, the wind intensifies, and the weather remains unnaturally warm for this time of year.
In the western lands the sky remains overcast, and the rains appear more during the day. The wind is strong, especially in mountainous areas, with gusts of over 80 km / h.

In Transylvania we find it always closed. It will rain here too, and in the high mountain area it will snow or the sleet will fall. The wind will blow with up to 65 km / h in the low areas, and on the ridges the snow will blow, with gusts of over 120 km / h.

The fog settled in Oltenia in the first hours. Then we catch a few sunny moments and it warms up a bit compared to the previous day. The maximum reaches 16 degrees in the Drobeta Turnu-Severin area – very high values ​​for the beginning of January.

Fog has appeared in the southern lands this morning. Later the sun shines and gets warmer than yesterday. Temperatures reach spring values ​​of 15-16 degrees Celsius.

Weather January 3 in Bucharest

In Bucharest, after the morning fog dissipates, we also see the sun through the clouds. The wind picks up strength around noon, when it will blow at 40-45 km / h, and the maximum reaches 12 degrees – a very high value for the calendar date. Even at night the clouds gather, and the minimum reaches 5 degrees Celsius.

In the mountains it gets warmer and we catch changing weather. It will rain, and at high altitudes it will be sleet or blizzard. The wind will generally blow at 70-80 km / h, but at over 1700 meters the gusts will exceed 90-120 km / h.

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