COVID-19 green certificates obtained from Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine will lose their validity in a European country. The news comes shortly after a study was conducted by health experts. Which country in Europe applies this rule and when it will come into force we find out in the article below!

The first country in Europe to cancel the COVID-19 green certificate

COVID-19 green certificates with Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine will no longer be valid in Austria from Monday. The shocking news comes shortly after the new year. The decision of the Austrian government was taken last year, according to the local press.

The measure is valid both for travel and for access to the spaces where this certificate is required. So all those who want to book a holiday in Austria this year should see the conditions of access to the country and public centers.

Health experts in Germany conducted a case study and found that more people were vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson serum than those who had been vaccinated. In October of the previous year, the Delta strain infected millions of people, including in Austria.

Johnson & Johnson has low efficacy against Omicron

Following the release of the new variant, Omicron, the Austrian government has done some research on the effectiveness of Coronavirus vaccines. It seems that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not very effective, and a large number of people vaccinated with this dose have become infected.

Because of this, the Austrian government has decided to give up Johnson & Johnson serum vaccination in November. People in Austria who were immunized with this serum were then told that their green certificate would expire on 3 January.

In order to continue using it, it should preferably be vaccinated with a messenger RNA vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna. About 75,000 of those notified have not yet been vaccinated with another serum.

Although South African researchers have collaborated with Johnson & Johnson and found that a second dose of this vaccine provides 85% protection against Omicron, other European countries have taken the same step for those who want to be vaccinated. Thus, Denmark, Finland and Slovenia have also given up the vaccine, and people can only be vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna or Astra Zeneca.

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