The European Commission has launched a project in which some nuclear power plants as well as some that use natural gas as fuel will be considered green projects, if they meet certain conditions, writes Reuters.

The Commission would make this proposal official by the end of January.

According to the draft, consulted by Reuters, nuclear power plants will be considered green if there is a strategy, financing and location to neutralize radioactive waste. The new nuclear power plants should also receive building permits before 2045, Agerpres reports.

Gas-based energy production will be considered green if it is transitional. It is characterized by being totally unsustainable, but which has carbon emissions below the industry average and can be used.

The use of natural gas leads to 50% lower emissions than coal. Gases can be used as a transition fuel to clean energy.

Following the publication of the document, member countries will be able to consult it by the end of the month, and the draft will be submitted to the European Parliament for approval.

European Commission officials have not yet been contacted for an official opinion on the project.

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