France relaxes travel restrictions “for the end-of-year holidays” for Britons wishing to transit the Hexagon to return to their European countries of residence, French Interior Ministry has announced, as French restrictions on Covid-19 raise confusion in the UK, reports AFP and Agerpres.

Many British citizens have traveled “in good faith” to the UK for the end-of-year holidays and are “having difficulty returning to their countries of residence”, according to the French Ministry of the Interior. “The border police force so that every Briton can return to the EU country where he lives.

As of Wednesday, British motorists trying to return, crossing France, to the European countries where they live have been denied access to the Channel Tunnel.

Passengers living in France were not targeted, nor were passengers on Eurostar trains.

The British Foreign Office on Thursday called for clarification from the French government and advised British citizens to check with the transport companies they travel with before returning to European countries of residence.

According to the French Ministry of the Interior, after Brexit, the British became “third-country nationals”, a category of passengers for whom transit through France to another state in the European Union is not allowed.

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