PMP MEP Eugen Tomac announced on Facebook that over 70% of Romanians consider false news to be a threat to Romania.

“Over 70% of Romanians consider false news to be a threat to Romania.

Because I am deeply concerned about the phenomenon of misinformation that has become a regular weapon, used more and more aggressively by state actors, terrorist groups, hacker networks, but also by various political parties or their exponents who promote false information in order to get political advantages and more,

In this context, when we are constantly flooded with information, I believe that it is essential to defend the fundamental principles of democracy, to develop the antibodies needed to meet any challenges posed by the phenomenon of misinformation.

In this regard, this month, with the support of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, I have carried out extensive research, which I will present in the next period in the Special Committee on External Interference, including misinformation, in all democratic processes within the European Union. of which I am a member.

Until then, I present how Romanians see the Fake News phenomenon and how many consider that false news has become a major threat to our society.

Thus, 18% of Romanians consider false news to be a very big threat, while 53% consider it a big threat.

Practically, 71% of the citizens of Romania consider that the phenomenon of misinformation represents a real threat,

while 18% of citizens consider it a minor threat, and only 8% consider that misinformation does not threaten us at all.

Starting from this reality, I consider that the Romanian state must quickly take a series of measures because the misinformation has already made too many human victims this year “, wrote Eugen Tomac.

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