If you don’t ski but still want to go to the mountains on holiday to accompany your friends or family, you have every chance of getting severely bored. In Poiana Brașov, the alternatives for spending time are completely lacking, although the authorities have made huge investments just to come up with offers for as many tastes and pretensions as possible. For example, the skating rink, which cost almost one million euros, has been closed since spring and no one knows when it will reopen.

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Poiana Brașov. It’s snowing, some ATVs for rent, two double paragliding pilots, in flight and this is where the offer of leisure services stops, in high season, for tourists looking for something off the slopes. All the while, the 2,500-square-foot skating rink, built with public money, is unused.

Claudiu Loghin, Observatory reporter: “This is what the ice rink in Poiana Braşov looks like now. The initial investment was 900 thousand euros, but in the spring of last year, the balloon that covered the rink fell, and now, in high season, the rink is closed “.

Tourist: “It would have been a plus for tourists who come and want another means of leisure, maybe they don’t ski, maybe they prefer to skate.

Tourist: “It’s a shame it’s closed, for children and adults and for anyone who wants to have fun. It was nice to be open, but I don’t know why they didn’t let go, why they didn’t make the necessary investment. “

The skating rink, built with public money, is closed in high season

The skating rink was inaugurated in 2013, with public money, on the occasion of the European Youth Olympic Festival. It has a refrigeration system, an ice leveler and even skates for tourists, but it is closed and it is not known when it will be reopened.

Dragoș Crăciun, deputy director of the sports complex: “There are small arrangements that still need to be made. Now they have received money for the removal of the balloon, for the arrangement, from the ministry. It remains to be seen when we will finish the works of arranging the rink “.

The Recreation Center in Poiana Brasov, which cost ten million euros, is also closed in high season. There are bowling alleys, climbing halls, mini golf, billiards and electronic games, but on December 31, the center has a short program, and on January 3, it is closed.

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