The US will fund projects that include surveillance and monitoring equipment to strengthen Ukraine’s borders with Russia and Belarus amid continuing tensions with Moscow, the Ukrainian border police said on Tuesday, Reuters quoted Agerpres as saying.

These are $ 20 million worth of projects for the purchase of drones and recording systems, as well as equipment for the personal protection of border guards.

Kiev accuses Russia of mobilizing tens of thousands of troops near the border with Ukraine, which could herald a possible Russian offensive.

Russia denies plans to attack, but accuses Ukraine and the United States of destabilizing behavior and calls for security measures against NATO’s eastward expansion.

Ukraine, which intends to join the North Atlantic Alliance, has received several shipments of US ammunition and Javelin missiles since 2018, attracting harsh criticism from Russia.

The Kremlin announced on Monday that it made sense for Russia to negotiate with NATO on the security guarantees it demanded from the West, beyond the bilateral negotiations with the United States.

Russia announced in early December a list of security proposals it wants to negotiate, including a promise that NATO would renounce all military activity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

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