Former USR Minister of European Funds Cristian Ghinea says that the Minister of Labor, Marius Budai (PSD), is “idiot” and “bastard” when he accuses the former minister of including money for consulting in the PNRR so that he can consult.

“To say that I consulted with PNRR is to be an idiot. There have been many requests from institutions for assistance and I have taken out a good part of them, another part has been taken out by the European Commission. Precisely because we limited technical assistance. It remained only where they demonstrated the lack of implementation capacity. PNRR technical assistance is below 1%. Compared to classic European funds where it is 7%. To say that the reason for the presence of that funding would be that I offer advice means to be a bastard. There is no advice as such.

Budai continues to prove that he is both an idiot and a villain. He makes these aberrant accusations just as he announces that he is taking advice (in fact, technical assistance, but semi-literates don’t make a difference) from the World Bank on pension law. Do it to me if you’re smart and expert. Give up consulting and make the pension law, that’s why you get paid! ”, Wrote Ghinea on her Facebook page.

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