• The ANA 2020 report contains data from 2019.
  • The European Drugs Report 2021 contains data from the previous year.
  • Record capture made on 10.05.2021, 1,452 kg of heroin discovered following a search carried out in the Port of Constanța.
  • In the DOCUMENT section you can consult the ANA 2020 Report, the European Drug Report 2021, Law 143/2000 on Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking and Consumption.

According to the European Drug Report 2021, since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the set of material and spiritual conditions specific to society, with countries in Europe and around the world being forced to introduce unprecedented measures to protect health. public. In Europe, the crisis has affected the drug phenomenon in all its aspects: production, trafficking, distribution and consumption.

The situation of drug trafficking and consumption at national level

National Anti-Drug Agency, established in 2003, is the national authority responsible for unitary coordination of the fight against drug trafficking and illicit drug use.

The National Report on the Drug Situation in Romania, prepared annually based on data from the previous year, presents the evolution of the drug phenomenon in our country (situation, response policies, trends) and is prepared according to the guide recommended by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction. the official website of ana.gov.ro.

The latest National Report was prepared and published on the official ANA website in 2020, and it presents the situation from 2019.

Conclusions presented in the Report on Drug Use in Romania:

“With the exception of the indicator on the prevalence of drug use in the general population, cannabis continues to be the one for which monitoring indicators, whether assessing the level of consumption or trafficking, have the highest values.

The main illicit stimulant drugs available in Romania (ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines) register, in 2019, an increase in availability on the market. The values ​​recorded by the consumption monitoring indicators are small, the trends being different depending on the type of drug and the population studied. However, it is noted that the maximum values ​​of treatment requests for each of the three stimulants analyzed are reached.

After a period of stability, according to the latest study in the general population (GPS 2019), the new psychoactive substances record the highest increases in consumption for all three reference intervals (lifetime, in the last year, in the last month ), so that, for the first time since their appearance on the market, they take the first place in the category of drugs in the general population in Romania, before cannabis. “

Regarding the Romanian drug market, you can see in the section DOCUMENT ANA 2020 report, pages 195-196.

Romania, according to the European Drug Report, prepared by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction in 2021 (situation presented since 2020), is among the last drug-using countries.

Law 143/2000 on Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking and Consumption can be found in the DOCUMENT section.

The situation in Constanța

According to the ANA 2020 report, At the territorial level, cthey are several people convicted of drug trafficking were registered in Bucharest (196), Constanta (55), Hunedoara (29) and Arad (26).

Regarding the situation of minors presented in the ANA 2020 Report, most convictions were registered in the counties of Bacău (15 of which 3 minors), Cluj (9 of which 1 minor), Constanța (9), (12), Caraș Severin (8), Galați (7), Tulcea (5 of which 1 minor) and Brașov (4).

The highest value of the drug crime rate it is registered by the city of Bucharest (15.56 compared to 12.32 in 2018 and 14.60 in
2017), followed by the county Constant (10.23 compared to 6.58 in 2018 and 14.47 in 2017), Hunedoara county (9.08, compared to 3.34 in 2018 and 4.30 in 2017), Covasna and Brăila (8.09 compared to 6.19 and 1.56 respectively in 2018 and 1.90, respectively 0.93 in 2017), Arad (6.50 compared to 3.72 in 2018 and 1.86 in 2017) and Cluj (5.64 compared to 5 , 50 in 2018 and 8.68 in 2017), is specified in the ANA 2020 report.

According to the ANA 2020 report, the highest quantities of confiscated drugs were registered in the counties of Tulcea (937,409 kg), Constanța (681,683 kg) and Giurgiu (642 kg), in the South-East Region – 1631.042 kg of drugs (1600.262 kg of cocaine, 17.883 kg of cannabis herb, 9.95 kg of heroin, 1.456 kg of mass of cannabis plants, 1.123 kg of amphetamine and 0.366 kg MDMA), in the Southern Region – 710.56 kg (653,951 kg cannabis grass, 40,953 kg mass of cannabis plants, 10.14 kg heroin, 1,998 kg tryptamines and 1,901 kg plant fragments with THC and 1,615 kg cannabis resin) and in the Southern Region – West – 245,751 kg (227,945 kg mass of cannabis plants, 8,862 kg of cannabis grass, 5,636 kg of cannabis resin and 3,307 kg of cocaine).

The port of Constanța represents Romania’s opening to drug trafficking.

“After the 1990s, substance trafficking was more visible. We were the transit country, and through the Port of Constanța, most of the psychoactive substances entered, arriving in Western Europe.

Then, after the 90’s, there was the phenomenon of inhaling substances, aurochs in Bucharest, after which heroin consumption was a phenomenon, especially in the Rahova and Ferentari neighborhoods and following in 2007-2008 with the dream stores, when the consumption practically exploded. The legislation has undergone changes and completions. “, Stated in the ZIUA Live show, Chief Commissioner Marius Cristian Oprișan.

“Until now, I had the most consumed substance – cannabis. Studies have shown that ethnobotanicals are the most consumed. The lowest age for ethnobotanical consumption is 12 years. Amphetamine and cocaine are a long way off.

In third place is the consumption of inhalants. This summer there was a pattern of funny gas consumption, balloon inhalation in seaside resorts. Young people continue to party on the beach, and inhale from these balloons. These inhalants are found in industrial products. You can’t forbid them. They range from paints to acetones. They are on the market “, added the chief cms Marius Cristian Oprișan.

On 10.05.2021, the prosecutors of DIICOT – Central Structure together with judicial police officers from DCCO carried out a search of some containers located in The port of Constanța, as a result of which a historical heroin seizures in Romania, respectively 1,452 kilograms, which were transported, hidden in a container with construction materials, on the route Iran-Romania, with the final destination the countries of Western Europe. It is the second largest seizure of heroin in the European Union in recent years.

In 2021, dozens of searches were carried out in Constanța County on persons suspected of drug trafficking.

We recall the day of November 24, 2021, when 13 home searches were carried out on the homes of people suspected of human trafficking and pimping, respectively 14 home searches on the homes of people suspected of drug trafficking and substances likely to have psychoactive effects. .

No later than this month, DIICOT Constanța prosecutors requested pre-trial arrest warrants for various suspects suspected of trafficking cannabis or other narcotics.

DIICOT Constanța prosecutors have requested the pre-trial detention of a young man from Constanța, whom he accuses of selling cannabis.

However, the request of the anti-drug prosecutors was rejected by the Constanța Tribunal, in the DL / F7 panel, chaired by magistrate Mihaela Vlășceanu, who took the measure of judicial control against the suspect.

Currently, the case has reached the criminal section of the Constanța Court of Appeal, after the prosecutors challenged the decision of the Tribunal.

Judicial sources said, for DAY of Constanța, that the suspect was remanded in custody after the investigation revealed that he had sold cannabis four times.

Also, according to the same sources, 30 grams of cannabis and a scale were discovered at his home, following the searches.

Another case of drug trafficking took place on October 16, 2021, when BCCO Constanța police officers, coordinated by DIICOT Constanța prosecutors, carried out three house searches and discovered in the homes of two Constanta residents almost four kg of cannabis, two tablets. of ecstasy and other narcotics, large sums of money and other goods of probative value.

Also on the day of October 17, 2021, another 4 house searches took place, and the police managed to seize other goods.

The suspects were prosecuted on charges of drug trafficking.

Also, six young people accused by the prosecutors of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism – Constanța Territorial Drug Trafficking Service were sentenced to life imprisonment.

On the date of 13 august 2021, around 21.00, the police caught in flagrante delicto 2 men, aged 23 and 24, respectively, while they were trying to sell 20 ecstasy tablets and a gram of cannabis.

The investigation revealed that the two had bought the ecstasy tablets from another man, 20 years old, to whom they were going to pay their equivalent value, after he had sold them.

At around 10.30 pm, the police officers from BCCO Constanța caught the 20-year-old in flagrante delicto, while he allegedly received the value of the ecstasy tablets from the 24-year-old man.

Later, around 00.40, the police caught two other men, aged 20 and 21, in flagrante delicto, while they were trying to sell 50 grams of cannabis, 17 grams of MDMA and 2.5 grams of cocaine. , and, around 01.00, another 21-year-old man with 186.7 grams of cannabis was found in the act.

Subsequently, the police officers of organized crime carried out three house search warrants, at one of the locations 13 doses of cannabis were discovered.

Another case was discovered by the police of the Organized Crime Brigade Constanța – Anti-Drug Service, together with the prosecutors DIICOT – ST Constanța, who ordered the prosecution of a 34-year-old man from Cernavoda, Constanța County, suspected of high-risk and high-risk drug trafficking.

The case was sent for settlement to the Constanța Court.

In the case, the police conducted three searches at the home of a young man from Cernavoda, suspected of high-risk and high-risk drug trafficking.

A search was found an outdoor cannabis crop.


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Document source: ana.gov.ro/hivnet.ro
Photo source: DIICOT

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