The weakness of Joe Biden. Vladimir Putin has raised fears of a new conflict in Europe by gathering Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, despite warnings from the international community to withdraw. President Putin spoke with President Biden earlier this month, with the US leader trying to put pressure on Moscow to avoid a new military conflict.

But former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned that the Russian leader will try to exploit the “weakness” exposed by President Biden as he withdraws from Afghanistan. Speaking to Fox News, Pompeo said: “Vladimir Putin has been on stage for a long time. He knows very well that Latvia, Estonia, will not invade Russia. He is the one who increased the tension, it is his fault. But there is also guilt in the Biden administration. “

The former secretary of state continued: “It gave him the opportunity to finish his job in order to have energy control over Germany. He saw American weakness, so I think what you’ve seen in the last few days and weeks is the pressure on Americans. Looking for concessions, trying to achieve something through threats and constraints that he does not want to do even from a military point of view “, he declared according to

US services report

Interfax news agency reported that more than 10,000 Russian soldiers had returned to their bases after a month-long drill on the Ukrainian border. The news agency said the exercises took place in several regions near Ukraine, including Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, as well as in southern Russia, Rostov and Kuban.

Moscow’s deployment of tens of thousands of troops has fueled fears in Kiev and Western capitals that Moscow is planning an attack. Russia denies any such plan, saying it needs Western commitments – including a promise from NATO not to extend the alliance east to Russian borders – because its own security is threatened by Ukraine’s growing ties with the alliance. western.

The Kremlin also says it can deploy troops on its territory as it sees fit. Estimates of the number of Russian troops recently moved closer to Ukraine range from 60,000 to 90,000, a US secret service document earlier this month suggested that the number could rise to 175,000.

The report said: “A stage of coordinating the fighting of the divisions, of the combat crews, of the teams at the motorized units has ended. More than 10,000 soldiers will be present on the territory of the area where the military exercises took place “.

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