RPC Superfos will act as the packaging supplier to offer its UniPak pails for the Romanian milk producer Prodlacta Brasov’s. Credit: RPC Group Plc.

RPC Superfos has received an order to offer its UniPak buckets for natural yoghurt and sour cream products from the Romanian milk producer Prodlacta Brasov.

The company will serve the dairy manufacturer as an additional supplier of plastic packaging for a period of three years.

In accordance with the terms of the contract, RPC Superfos supplies the round UniPak buckets with plastic handles for Prodlacta Brasov’s natural yoghurt and sour cream products in two sizes, 1.18l and 5l.

The products are available in versions with 12%, 15% or 20% milk fat content.

With the products, Prodlacta Brasov is targeting both the retail and the food service sector and, in addition to delivering the product to the domestic market, is also exported to Moldova.

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Liliana Andriuc, Purchasing Director of Prodlacta Brasov, said: “We keep our finger on the pulse and appreciate working with suppliers who meet our requirements.

“We are clearly satisfied with RPC Superfos. The straightforwardness and our open discussions are valuable points in our business relationship. “

“The straightforwardness and our open discussions are valuable points in our business relationship.”

The UniPak pail is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing customers to save money as multiple container sizes are suitable for each lid diameter.

UniPak offers customers a wide range of bucket shapes and sizes. RPC Superfos’ UniPak bucket keeps costs down by having multiple sizes to fit each lid diameter, so brands of different sizes only need to stock one lid for different sizes. Tamper-proof and liquid-tight snap-on lids are part of the standard equipment.

Another advantage of the UniPak bucket is that after emptying the product, households and commercial customers can benefit from its flexibility by reusing it for other purposes, as it is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Last month, RPC Superfos designed two variants of a bespoke vat for a new spreadable butter from the German dairy company Müller Group.



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