The specialist with a very appreciated activity within the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) also explained why the temperatures in December are higher than in other years.

In this context, Florinela Georgescu stressed that what is happening in the northern hemisphere is very important. Also, her observations could not miss the effects of climate change.

“Everything we experience during the winter is definitely in the context of climate change. On the one hand we have the rising temperatures that we observe both during the warm season and in winter.

On the other hand, of course, we have the consequences of these rising temperatures, because the period of the first snow is being postponed more and more due to the high temperatures, the precipitations being predominantly in the form of rain, even in December.

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We often talk about the famous polar vortex

Everything must be interpreted in a much broader context. When we look at weather anomalies, we look at what’s happening across the northern hemisphere. It matters a lot what happens at the Pole, we often talk about the famous polar vortex, it is the area where the coldest air mass should remain in the winter months, stuck there, above the Pole, by a belt of very strong winds ″, Said the director of SNM in an interview for

She went on to say that the new scenario is aimed at humanity. It is interesting to note what conclusions Florinele Georgescu has, especially about the weather in Europe.

“It simply came to our notice then. Unfortunately, the last years show us more and more often that nature wants to settle on a new scenario, one in which winters are favored periods when that belt with very strong winds weakens in intensity and then the cold air mass advances very far to the South. .

There are areas where the cold persists longer

This means that instead of having a general circulation from West to East, we have more and more often from North to South, from South to North. This means that there are areas where a much lower temperature regime persists.

We have seen in the past winters over North America, over Asia, the very long stagnation of very cold and extensive air masses to the south. On the other hand, in Europe, the warmth of the day, in compensation for the cold penetrations in the areas we were talking about.

Of course, this is a rather simplistic explanation, because we are very much influenced, beyond what happens from West to East, why it happens from the East, because we know that to the East of us lies a large area of ​​plain where in winter very cold air masses can form which, in some conditions, can reach the area of ​​our country. From there, the frost episodes come to us, Florinela Georgescu explained for DC News.

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