605.5 thousand people chose Constanța as a holiday destination in July 2021. The second place in the top of the favorite destinations of tourists is Brasov (536.4 thousand people).

It is followed by Bucharest (433.8 thousand people), Bihor (226.5 thousand people), Prahova (225.2 thousand people), Suceava (210.1 thousand people) and Vâlcea (199.9 thousand people).

In July 2021, compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, arrivals in tourist accommodation structures increased by 56.3%, and overnight stays by 51.3%.

Out of the total number of arrivals, in July 2021, the arrivals of Romanian tourists in the structures of tourist reception with accommodation functions represented 91.1%, while the foreign tourists only 8.9%.

The average length of stay in July 2021 was 2.6 days for Romanian tourists and 2.2 days for foreign tourists.

The arrivals of foreign visitors in Romania, registered at the border points, were in July 2021 of 3321.1 thousand arrivals, increasing by 3.2% compared to July 2020.

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