Nightmare picture on the accumulation lake from Voila, in Braşov county. Several swan families live on huge amounts of waste. It is just one of the places where you can see how much harm is done to nature by plastic bottles abandoned at random.

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Voila Dam, on the Olt River. The place where the white of the swan plumage contrasts most strongly with the gray of the huge island of PETs.

Claudiu Loghin, reporter Observer: This is what the dam area on the accumulation lake on Voila, on Olt, in Braşov County looks like. It is the place where you see for example a colony of swans among very large quantities of plastic bottles, drums, textile waste and even refrigerators thrown into the water.

More than 200 tons of waste were removed from the Voila Dam in 6 months

Dridif, a village in Voila commune, is two kilometers from the dam. The locals are the first to suffer, due to the garbage from the dam.

Gheorghe Osalciuc, mayor of Voila: We talked to the people to make them aware, not to throw garbage anymore, whenever there are floods, all the garbage upstream comes in the bed of the Olt river.

In the next two years, at national level, Hidroelectrica has prepared a contract of 11 million lei for the cleaning of the entire water surface affected by the pollution.

Ovidiu Spatari, director of the Sebeş Hydropower Plant Branch: Beyond the awareness of the population to dispose of or not this waste in the riverbeds of the great rivers, beyond all these methods of application of environmental legislation, vis-à-vis local authorities in relation to citizens, there are many issues of a technical nature which can be resolved by legislative amendments.

In the first half of this year alone, more than 200 tons of waste were removed from the Voila dam.

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