The best images that participated in the International Orthodox Photography Contest OrthPhoto Awards in the summer of 2021 were collected in a recent album published by the Polish Orthodox Church Publishing House.

The album “Colors of Orthodoxy – Europe” presents 179 photos of 109 authors from 18 countries, thus being a journey through all European Orthodoxy.

The album features works by several Romanian artists, including the nominees of the contest: Gheorghiță Epureanu, Florin Cristescu, Octavian Chende and Mădălina Cimpoeru.

“We hope that this type of publication will strengthen the ties of the Orthodox Churches throughout Europe and even around the world. In our opinion, these albums play a very important missionary role, being a kind of “mission in print”, the album’s editors say.

The paper includes explanations of the images presented in four languages: Polish, English, Russian, and Greek.

The album is a suitable Christmas gift and can be purchased from online bookstores or by contacting the Polish Church Publishing House by email.

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