Elena Raluca Deaconu, a 33-year-old young woman, is wanted by the police, after she was reported missing in Brașov. The family reported the woman’s disappearance to the police.

UPDATE: The missing missing date has been found. “The person in question was found in the municipality of Brașov. From the first checks, he was not the victim of any crime,” the authorities said.

Initial news:

Elena Raluca Deaconu, from Brașov, left home yesterday, November 20, 2021, around 14.00, and never returned.

“Police officers from the Brașov Criminal Investigation Bureau were notified that a 33-year-old young woman from Brașov left her home on November 20, 2021, around 14.00 and did not returned so far “, transmits IPJ Brașov.

The police ask for the help of the people, in order to find the missing girl

Elena Raluca Deaconu reports:

– height 1.67 m

– weight about 50 kg

– asthenic constitution

– dark brown shoulder-length hair

– blue eyes, light complexion, oval face, scar on the right eyebrow.

“The clothes she was wearing at the time of her departure are not known, but the last time she was noticed she was wearing a black beanie. She may have a blue backpack on her,” said Brasov police.

The young woman has a mobile phone on her, but it is closed.

Persons who can provide information about the missing person in question are asked to contact the nearest police station or call the unique emergency number 112.

– Article made with the help of information obtained by the reporter Observator Claudiu Loghin –

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