Tourism is one of the secrets of economic success. Moreover, the international recognition of a locality brings benefits in the long-term development, starting with the infrastructure and ending with the investments. In fact, it can be said that being included in the “Best places to travel in Europe” tops is a guarantee of long-term sustainable development.

Several localities in Romania enjoy such recommendations, being mentioned among the best places to visit, at different times of the year.

The most beautiful Christmas tree

Brasov has been included in the top list of European cities with the most beautiful Christmas trees in 2021, along with Strasbourg (France), Budapest (Hungary) and Vienna (Austria), according to the European Best Destinations website.

The Council Square in Brasov is the place where, every year, the Christmas Fair is organized, and one of the main attractions is the Christmas tree. Located in the center of the square, the tree is 23 meters high and is adorned with 600 globes and 30,000 multicolored lights.

The city on Tâmpa is in the top of the best destinations and in other categories, and the generous offer of accommodation Brasov is the best proof of this. Thus, it is considered one of the most accessible cities for ski enthusiasts, among the friendliest for those traveling with pets, but also one of the safest cities in Europe (ranked 2nd in the top 10) and among the most suitable holiday destinations for families with small children.

Top eco destinations

The entire Neamț County is in the top 10 ideal destinations for ecological holidays. One of the reasons why the county obtained a place in this select ranking is represented by the three national parks and five spectacular natural and artificial lakes, among which is the Spring of the Mountain (Bicaz), also nicknamed “the sea between the mountains”, with a surface of 32.6 km² and a maximum depth of 92 m.

In order to admire the natural phenomenon that appears on Ceahlău, it is recommended, as a visiting period, the beginning of August, because, on the morning of August 6, at sunrise, the shadow of Toaca Peak overlaps Piatra Ciobanului Peak and forms a true natural hologram. , like a perfect pyramid.

Other reasons that justify the placement of the county in this top are represented by the geographical diversity, the specific flora and fauna and the historical monuments. Tourists are encouraged to visit Neamț County and to see the impressive traces and invaluable exhibits of prehistoric civilizations from the beginning of human communities in the Cucuteni culture, dating from 4200-2600 BC.

Widespread in the wilds of the mountains or hidden in the dense forests, in the quiet meadows and in the beautiful valleys, the villages in the Neamț area are oases of peace, developed in a perfect harmony with nature.

Craiova, Oradea and Cluj in the top destinations for city breaks

In the top of the most suitable city breaks destinations, in 2021, three cities in Romania were nominated: Craiova, Oradea and Cluj. A short business card was made for each one, meant to provoke curiosity.

Craiova – a city of creative and generous people, with amazing green spaces and old buildings, with interesting traditions and a gastronomic culture of fascinating simplicity, with intense aromas and amazing tastes.

Oradea – the perfect city in any season, with a surprising architectural landscape, one of the most famous destinations for a slow and stress-free tourism. The remarkable central area with Art Nouveau facades with Austrian influences is reason enough to visit the city. An additional reason is the Oradea Fortress, an indisputable mark of the city’s position at the head of the hierarchy of medieval European cities.

Cluj – the city is distinguished by multiculturalism, a history of over 2000 years, an ideal geographical location, all justifying the status of the heart of Transylvania. In Cluj-Napoca, time flows differently, people greet each other, and the offer of points of interest of the city is more than generous and includes a wide range of objectives, from the Botanical Garden to the twin towers on Oglinzilor Street.

The mentioned cities are not the only ones that entered the “Best places to travel in Europe” charts. Sibiu, Sighișoara, Timișoara, Iași and Bucharest, along with Constanța, Tulcea and Sulina are just some of the points of maximum tourist interest in Romania.

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